Within the Bay Street Public Market is J & J Jewelry, a hidden gem. The owner is owner Jaime Pyshny, long-time jewelry expert. J & J is named after Jaime and her daughter Jayda. “I love all types of jewelry. I’m trying to offer a wide range of some things that are less expensive and affordable and your higher end pieces and bridal stuff.” The shop opened early September at 301 West Holly Street.
Walking into the shop, the black and white décor add a classy vibe to the already inviting atmosphere. Mirrors are scattered about the shop to give it a more spacious feeling, and calming music plays in the background. Pyshny is right up front, happily greeting customers over the glass counters. To the left is her workshop, where she does some of her own jewelry work. “I love all types of jewelry. As much as it is a good portion fine jewelry, I want to offer nice quality pieces in different price ranges. I like to create things that are a lot more affordable, but I do offer more expensive or custom things and I like offering repairs. I also do consignment,” Pyshny said.
Pyshny named the store after herself and her 4-year-old daughter, Jayda. Pyshny worked for GB Heron jewelry, where she learned drawing skills that she is able to use when creating custom orders. She runs and operates the store herself, and has a goldsmith to whom she can send repairs or specific orders.
The various displays around the store hold everything from custom work to 1800s broaches. The counters and cases hold rings, bracelets, necklaces and more, all sparkling and shining like new. Pyshny finds many of her items at jewelry shows during the year. She also does custom work and can help customers come up with an idea of exactly what they want in their piece. One necklace in the window is a 1940s chain on which she strung moonstones. “Vintage stuff is kind of one of a kind in a way that you’re not going to come across this piece somewhere else,” Pyshny said.
Pyshny loves to make bracelets. While she doesn’t make everything in the store, she does make and sell a few of them. “I like to buy vintage pieces and pull them apart and make something new out of them. It’s a fun creative process that, for me, I don’t know what it is until I see what I’m working with. Then the ideas start randomly coming to mind,” Pyshny said. She loves to be a part of people’s stories, whether it’s an engagement, wedding or anniversary. She has lived in Bellingham for 16 years, and wants to stay here doing what she loves.

"Vintage stuff is kind of one of a kind in a way that you’re not going to come across this piece somewhere else."