Discerning denizens of Bellingham have a lovely vintage-inspired store on Bay Street in downtown Bellingham. A Lovely Day is a whimsical women’s clothing store that distinguishes itself well from other retailers while offering clothes at very competitive prices. Owner Adrienne Beard carefully selects handmade accessories, timeless statement pieces and delicately used clothing guaranteed to turn heads. “I was trying to combine the things that I really enjoyed — traveling and shopping. I travel and bring things in from out of town so it brings fresh stuff into town.” Beard has found her life’s calling by searching for colorful, fun, and classically ladylike items. “I’m very careful to make sure there’s still plenty of wear left,” said Beard. More than just a thrift shop or used clothing store, the clothes at A Lovely Day are vintage with an eye toward the contemporary, which rescues them from looking too costumey for daily wear. Not only are they in great condition and well curated, the clothes also complement each other.
The store itself is set along charming Bay Street, between the Upfront Theatre and the bustling intersection of Bay and Holly. The large, artfully decorated windows are eye-catching, and reflect the distinctive look of the fashions inside.
The store is nicely appointed and feels spacious. Inviting displays and carefully juxtaposed clothes make it easy to collect ideas and put together looks by glancing over a few racks. Paintings rest on crown molding, creating a cozy ambiance within the high-ceilinged, white walled room. Bright fabric greets shoppers on the upholstered dresser serving as a checkout counter. Beard crafted the shop’s details. “It’s been so much fun putting it all together.” Step into the dressing room and try on your choices in front of an oversized mirror. The store’s open layout and comfortable interior encourages a fun shopping experience. “Everyone comes in and I get to dress them up! I get to play all day, “ Beard said, laughing.
Beard matches the store’s atmosphere with her cheerful attitude and an earnest appreciation for the community. After two months of working on the business, she opened just in time for Bellingham’s Art Walk and was thrilled to receive support from the town. “I have had such a great, warm reception from other businesses. The gals from the Bureau of Historical Investigation brought a card and welcomed me to the neighborhood.”
The great thing about local stores in the sense a customer gets of the overarching aesthetic and taste of the owner. In Beard’s case, the aesthetic is vintage chic with lots of feminine touches without being cutesy. For example, a rainbow pea coat hangs nestled between rich fabric overcoats and cozy knit sweaters. A bright selection of lightweight tops in subtle patters flirtatiously sway in the breeze as the door opens and closes, while a wrap dress on another rack is hard to ignore.
And then there are the shoes. Each polished pump, strappy heel, bootie and ballet flat is gracefully perched in its own-boxed shelf; their colors gleam like lollipops. The jewelry is locally sourced and goes nicely with the bright colors and pretty patterns of the clothes.
There’s an element of craftiness to the store as well. Beard has a lot of appreciation for artisans and craftspeople, and it shows. “A lot of people are closet crafters, they don’t have an outlet. I thought it’d be great for local artists to bring anything they make.” She is excited to showcase a rotating assortment of crafty items, from agate brooches, to seashell ornaments and more.
Whether you’re looking for a few staples like jeans and t-shirts, or you need something fresh and feminine, A Lovely Day is the perfect boutique for filling your closet with new favorites. Beard’s welcoming and friendly nature makes the entire experience such a pleasure. Stop by and spend some time at this lovely new store. 

1230 Bay Street, Bellingham
10 a.m.–5 p.m. M–Sat, Closed Sunday

"I was trying to combine the things that I really enjoyed — traveling and shopping. I travel and bring things in from out of town so it brings fresh stuff into town."