Nestled next to Bayou on the Bay, on the corner of Holly and Prospect in downtown Bellingham lays a hidden jewel called Red Barn Jewelry. Owner Stacia Davis makes bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings using only recycled metals and her signature flat stone rocks. “I have been making jewelry for as long as I can remember, but professionally for three years. I used to make my jewelry in a red barn and that is where the name Red Barn Jewelry came from,” Davis said. The shop opened June 27 at #2 Prospect St.


Intimate and inviting with a natural touch. Necklace and earring displays, made from old wood, hang on white walls while bracelet and ring displays sit atop a round table placed in the center of the shop. “My husband makes all the jewelry displays from old wood pieces, and window frames we find laying around our barn,” Davis said. At the back of the narrow shop you will find an old door that now rests horizontally and works as a countertop. Behind the countertop sits Davis’ work station in open view so customers can see her making jewelry.

Davis said she makes the jewelry and her husband is responsible for making the displays, adding that he also helps in making “stackable” rings.Other key people — Davis’ whole sale buyers from Washington and Oregon boutiques. “We recently celebrated getting into store number 15.”

“One of my goals is to make my jewelry light enough that it can be worn comfortably in any situation, whether on a hike or while at work.”
The jewelry is lightweight and delicate consisting mostly of hoop shaped pieces coupled with either black or white flat stone rocks. Argentium silver, sterling silver, bronze, and 14 karat gold in-lay are the recycled metals that Davis said she works with. “I find the black stones myself in fact I spend a lot of time combing beaches looking for them. The white rocks come from the Mediterranean Sea, I work with a lady over there who finds them for me.” The most popular selling item is the inlay stone necklace which is a flat stone rock, either black or white, which is studded with tiny silver metal beads.
Davis always offers her classic line as well as makes customized pieces, and twice a year, fall and spring, she said she launches new collections. This year’s spring collection is called “First Little Flower of Spring.” The pieces in this collection all incoporate little metal flowers.

“My favorite thing about the store is getting to know my customers. I like to know why they want to buy the piece and who they are.” She added that 15 percent of all sales go to the Peace of Love Project. Founded by Davis, it assists the children of the Karen tribe in Northern Thailand. “We provide the children with anything they might need, such as school supplies, soccer cleats, and we built them a new dormitory.”

"The jewelry is lightweight and delicate consisting mostly of hoop shaped pieces coupled with either black or white flat stone rocks. "