THE SHOP The corner of 5th and Main is an iconic location in Edmonds — it plays a front and center role in the Downtown shopping area. Since the 1960s, 422 Main Street has been a children’s store with an emphasis on clothing. The new owner, Kristina Freeburg, aims to expand the store into maternity clothing while fine-tuning the children’s focus to the first two years.

THE ATMOSPHERE Belly & Co. is modern and inviting. Instead of overwhelming the shopper with a jumble of products, the store allows the customer to easily pick from high-quality items meant to last through the first baby and beyond. Subtly divided into mom-to-be gear and 0-24 month clothing, the space is friendly and full of natural light. It is an uplifting place for both future and new parents and grandparents. There is a clear eye for detail, and you’ll find yourself oohing and aahing over the clever choices. Other helpful touches include an area to nurse, and a baby-changing station.

KEY PEOPLE Kristina Freeburg is not a stranger to Edmonds. She is a 2002 Edmonds-Woodway graduate. She took a SnoCo hiatus, first attending college, and then setting up a high-end boutique in San Diego, but eventually ended up back in her hometown. As a new mother herself, with an awareness of the growth of young families in the area, Freeburg felt there was the need for a maternity/baby store in the North End. She had the right conversations and relied on a can-do attitude to make it happen. Freeburg’s experience is evident in her selections and approachable style.

WHAT YOU’LL FIND As the store continues to take shape, you’ll find a variety of items to fulfill the needs of pregnancy and the early years. Maternity lingerie and clothing is available, as well as items like a highchair that turns into a toddler chair. There are gifts, baby apparel, gear and other necessities, all from excellent brands.

OWNERS FAVORITES Freeburg’s enthusiasm is infectious, and already she has picked product lines that grow with baby. One of her favorite brands is Mamas & Papas, a beautiful and appealing line that creates innovative items that serve multiple purposes.
Belly & Co. opened mid-November in 2014. There are several developments in the works — a baby registry and building community relations with parent groups. Freeburg’s establishment will be one to keep an eye on as young families continue to grow in our area.

422 Main St., Edmonds
Mon.–Sat., 10 a.m.–6 p.m., Sun. 11 a.m.–4 p.m.


" Subtly divided into mom-to-be gear and 0-24 month clothing, the space is friendly and full of natural light."