Everyone loves a bold, glam look for the holidays and this one is no exception. I wanted to create a look that was fun and fresh, but also sexy and versatile. Glitter is a trend that never goes away and is especially present during the holidays. Here, I’ll teach you how to use it in an easy and quick way that will give your glammed-up holiday look the perfect balance of classy and sassy.
Step One – All About That Base
A great look starts with good foundation. Prime your eyelids with an eyelid primer to keep your shadows from fading. Then, brush a flesh-colored eye shadow across your eye, starting just under your brow, going down until you reach your eyelid (this will help balance out any discoloration and also help with blending).
Step Two – Go For The Gold
Pat a gold cream-based eye shadow across the lid and blend. For more of a day-time look with a little less intensity, use powder eye shadow instead of a cream. I love working with gold because of how warm and versatile it is but if it isn’t for you, feel free to switch to silver, purple, or any other glittery color of your choosing.
Step Three – Create Definition
Take a blending blush and drag a light matte taupe color, such as Tease by Urban Decay, into and all the way across the socket, blending upward. Once you think you’ve blended enough, blend just once more. Then, slightly blend it down into the outer corner of the eye. This whole process opens the eyes and creates structure to the look.
Step Four – Shine Bright Like a Diamond
This is where the glitter effect really comes to life. Using a liquid lustre in gold (or whatever eye shadow color you used), such as Lorac’s 3D Liquid Lustre, pat it across your lid with your finger. A liquid lustre is simply liquid glitter that adheres well to your skin. I love it because it not only adds glitter but also dimension – plus it is mess-free and easy to apply in only a matter of seconds! Don’t have any? Make your own! Our co-op and supplement stores both sell dropper bottles for less than $5. Funnel in some very fine glitter or loose pigmented powder, and then fill it up to a proportionate amount with gel liquid eye drops. Shake it up and voila! You’re all set.
Step Five – Highlight and Lift
For the last step of the eyes, highlight with a very soft and light shimmery color such as Booty Call by Urban Decay, just under the eyebrow.
Step Six – Finish the Look!
As you may have noticed, I did the eye makeup first. This prevents having to fix any fallout that occurs from the eye shadows, which is especially likely with glitter-based products. Once you’ve cleaned up any fallout underneath your eye, finish up your look as you want and need. This may include foundation, eyeliner (I made a very thin line using a cream eyeliner right at the lash line), lashes, and brows. And last but not least, boost the lips with an incredible lipstick to really make your holiday look pop! Bright pink is trending big right now and was a perfect match for these gold eyes, but a bold red or plum would also work well.
The most important thing is to play around with it, find what works for you, and have fun! Do just that and I can guarantee you’ll have a fabulous, eye-catching look fit for all your holiday events!

"The most important thing is to play around with it, find what works for you, and have fun!"