As the leaves fall and the cold air starts to blow, we find ourselves enjoying intimate moments in our homes once again. Now is the time to bring the outdoors in through décor. This project incorporates native items that resulted in a nature-inspired interior design plan.

The ability to bring nature into your home is an art and design aesthetic that will always be interesting and unique. I enjoy designing with natural elements, appealing to my clients’ desire of calm, peaceful and informal environments.

This is the time of the year when clients are calling for my assistance to craft the ultimate slumber escape at their residence. All summer, outdoor entertaining rooms are the focus, but this time of year, it’s time to bring the outdoors in. While I believe there are no rules, and typically push the design principle envelope, I do believe that drawing on natural inspiration creates exceptional interiors. And, you don’t have to always splurge to take the plunge — some of your accents may be found as close as in your back yard.

Choosing materials that resonate with your personal style is the first step for bringing the right themes into your home. One homeowner may enjoy the rugged nature of a natural rock wall, while another may prefer the flair of seagrass accessories. Choosing natural elements that incorporate your style and connect you to your interiors is the key. You will be amazed how beautifully nature will set the mood in your abode.

Here are a couple of notable designs that we created during this recent project to complete an inviting living room design for the whole family.

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Elm coffee table and cedar side tables
With clean lines and an industrial approach, our custom designed and built furnishing pieces are a great addition to this welcoming living space. The goal was a rustic design with contemporary appeal. The light color of the wood is a neutral tone and complements the darker finish on other pieces in the room. Bringing wood into your interiors is one of the easiest and warmest ways to draw nature into the home, and wood comes in a variety of finishes, species, tones and applications. From flooring to ceiling beams, wood also can be reclaimed and refinished from older buildings to keep its life sustainability ongoing for years to come.

And remember, if natural materials are not appropriate for your remodeling project, perhaps consider alternative products. Pre-engineered laminates and veneer stone applications offer the look of nature and can be equally alluring. While these may not work in every application, look to a home design specialist to help you price out materials that will give you that bold natural design statement.

"Pre-engineered laminates and veneer stone applications offer the look of nature and can be equally alluring."