Bow Wow & Woofs


Bow Wow & Woofs is not your ordinary pet store. Instead of the typical run-of-the mill kibble and dog biscuits, you’ll find freezers stocked with raw dog food and fair-trade pet toys. Owner Heather Campbell is committed to keeping her store full of quality foods and responsibly produced pet products.


The store welcomes visitors with a warm, earthy glow that reflects the owner’s commitment to natural and healthy products for our animal friends. While Campbell provides a wide array of products, the store is not overwhelming. Shelves are neatly organized based on product, origin, and animal. Photos of her Cairn Terrier, Kerry, line the wall behind the checkout counter, giving customers a sense of Campbell’s love for pups.


Campbell opened her store in 2005 after 25 years of working for airlines. “I always had dogs in my life. I went to dog stores everywhere I traveled,” she said. Campbell knew that she wanted to open her own place after she retired from the travel industry. Running the store has been everything she wanted and more, Campbell said.

An important part of running the business has been giving back to the community, especially veterans. Bow Wow & Woofs supports The Puppy Rescue Mission, an organization that aims to reunite military personnel with the dogs they befriend in Afghanistan, Bosnia, the Middle East, and Africa. In addition to her work with The Puppy Rescue Mission, Campbell has sponsored dogs overseas. “One Christmas I sent over 2,000 venison sausage for the dogs,” she said.


“I’m super picky. If I’m not willing to feed it to my own dogs, it won’t come in here,” Campbell said. The store is full of natural dog—and cat— food, toys, apparel, and fun animal-inspired decor items. Campbell even carries raw pet food, which she says is the best option for any pet parent. The raw food freezers in her store house products like fish stock, goat milk, and leafy green-packed supplements. As for the more traditional dry kibble, Campbell believes in feeding pets grain and potato-free brands.

Beyond her large pet food and supplement selection, Campbell fills the store with products that she can feel good about selling to her customers. Whether it is the dog beds made from recycled water bottles, the Pocket Disc Frisbee toys made by women in Guatemala, or the WO Bone, a toy which helps fund meals for widows and orphans in Ethiopia, visitors are getting more than just a fun toy when they purchase from Bow Wow & Woofs.


Campbell said one of her favorite products is the Green Juju, a whole-food supplement that owners can add to any meal for their pup. The supplement is a combination of organic ingredients grown in the Pacific Northwest. With ingredients like kale, celery, coconut oil, and turmeric, Green Juju gives any meal a helping hand in health.

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