At Auda Sinda, an artisan design studio in the Pacific Northwest, you can purchase a custom handwoven rug that is both unique and gorgeous. Owner Amy Tyson started her business in 2014 with hopes to create bespoke rugs crafted locally in the United States. 

Tyson attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and graduated with degrees in painting and textiles. From there, she went on to work in the rug industry in New York City. Her job entailed designing rugs that were then made in the Middle East and Asia. 

After moving to Bellingham, Tyson met a retiring owner of a rug company who was looking to sell all of her equipment. Buying these tools allowed Tyson to jumpstart her own business, which she named Auda Sinda. 

“It was really hard for me to design things that are being made by other people on the other side of the world,” Tyson says. “So, I felt like it would be really exciting to be able to make things and design things and be more hands-on.” 

Auda Sinda does not have a physical store, opting instead to sell rugs through design showrooms across the country. Tyson also fulfills a large number of custom orders. She loves approaching technical challenges and is constantly coming up with new techniques for designing and creating rugs with her employees. 

“My favorite projects are always the ones where customers ask us to do something that is really technically challenging and I don’t know how we’re going to do it when we start,” Tyson says.  

Tyson differentiates herself by creating rugs as large as 17 by 20 feet. She hopes to give her customers exactly what they want by working with the size, shape, colors, and materials that they desire. 

Auda Sinda is a business to watch, and Tyson believes that there is always more room to grow, expand, and possibly start up some new projects in the future. 720 Sunset Pond Lane, Ste. 2, Bellingham, 360.647.3395,