Quick Stats 

-Length: 3 hours 

-Fee: $50 

Have you ever wanted to learn more about mushrooms, or maybe you’d like to be more aware of the nature that surrounds you? Now is your chance to do just that. The North Cascades Institute (NCI) is putting on a workshop titled “Meet the Mushrooms” that allows participants to interact with and learn more about fungi.  

“Fungi inhabit their own kingdom of life,” says Evan Holmstrom, the workshop’s instructor. 

Holmstrom has been working in environmental education and wilderness learning for about 10 years. He appreciates the fungal variety that Bellingham has to offer and is excited to share his love for this species with others. 

Workshop participants will meet at Fairhaven Park and head into the 100 Acre Woods to locate and learn about mushrooms. 

“We’re not just talking about mushrooms and looking at pictures, but rather seeing them where they occur,” Holmstrom says. “Hopefully, by the end of the day, we can have a basic idea of what identification looks like for mushrooms.” 

This workshop will occur in two sessions on October 9. The morning session is from 9 a.m.-12 p.m., and the afternoon session takes place from 1-4 p.m. Sign-ups can be made online at ncascades.org. 

NCI was started in 1986 with a  mission to connect nature with the community. Holmstrom explains that the organization helps people learn how to sustain and develop a reciprocal kinship with the natural world. 

“Essentially, our goal is to educate, inspire, wow, [and] delight people with experiences in nature to the degree that they develop a higher awareness and a deeper familiarity with how amazing and wonderful the natural world is,” Holmstrom says.  

360.854.2599, ncascades.org