Madrona Wear is a sustainable clothing company born from a passion for sewing and a love for the natural world. It was founded in August of last year by Ruby Spring and Weston Persons, and the couple makes all of their clothing to order using upcycled and recycled materials. 

Spring and Persons recognized the need for sustainable outdoor clothing and gear repair, especially in a place like Bellingham where nature is such a huge part of life. 

As Bellingham residents, Spring and Persons understand the large amount of outdoor gear that gets used and that breaks. The couple also noticed how the pandemic has inspired many in the Pacific Northwest to spend more time outdoors, which has increased outdoor gear sales and waste.  

“A big part of our mission is to keep clothes out of the landfill,” Persons said.  

Clothing and gear repairs are viewed by the couple as a cost-effective way to allow people to continue using their outdoor gear and as a method of reducing waste. 

Spring learned how to sew from her mother, a professional seamstress, at the young age of six. Her mom passed away before she was able to teach Spring more detailed sewing techniques, but a passion for sewing had already been sparked. 

Spring taught herself to become a better seamstress. She has also shared her knowledge with Persons, who recognizes that the ability to make clothing is a powerful skill. 

“It was life-changing for me because I can wear clothes that I feel good about,” says Persons. [Text Wrapping Break]“You know, [clothes] that weren’t made in a factory 1,000, 2,000 miles away by 20 people I don’t know.” 

In addition to offering outdoor clothing items and clothing and gear repair, Madrona Wear fulfills custom orders. Orders can be made through the Madrona Wear website,  

“If someone’s like, ‘I want some crazy pants, let me see what fabric you have,’ we will make you some cool pants or shorts,” Spring said. 

Many of their fabrics are purchased from Ragfinery, a shop in Bellingham that sells donated fabrics and materials. They also purchase recycled polyester fabrics from various other shops.  

Spring and Persons absolutely love what they do and are excited about the positive impact they are able to make through this business. They encourage the community not to throw away broken gear, but instead, bring it to Madrona Wear to get it fixed! 

“It just is such a perfect way for us to give back with the skills that we have and run a business doing something that actually helps the world a lot,” Spring said. Bellingham, 406.581.8149,