Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are no strangers to rain. Whether or not you’re a fan of the frequent showers, have you ever stopped to think about where that rain ends up? 

If you ask Northwest Rain Solutions, there are endless answers. Rainwater harvesting can increase potable water availability, help flush your toilets, water your lawns, and even fight fires. 

“A lot of people struggle to find a reliable water source, a lot of wells have high amounts of iron and even arsenic,” says Melody Kuschnereit, Northwest Rain Solutions marketing and communications lead . “Rain water is a lot more pure, plus it’s renewable.”  

Established over a decade ago, Northwest Rain Solutions aims to tackle the water challenges of the Pacific Northwest including availability, access, quality, and quantity issues, says owner CJ Huxford. The mission is to find reasonable and affordable methods to promote sustainable development using on-site rainwater harvesting and stormwater management. 

Rainwater harvesting methods can be put in place for both residential and commercial locations. Northwest Rain Solutions will often work with cities, counties, and builders to implement both potable and non-potable harvesting systems.  

“It’s not putting a strain on local aquifers and it’s helping reduce run-off,”  Kuschnereit says. “Having these systems in place could really help people get through, particularly in regards to disaster resilience.”  

Having drainage issues? Try one of the bioretention and infiltration systems for stormwater management. These systems include French drains, perimeter drains, rain gardens, bog gardens, and infiltration gardens/trenches. Most importantly, these systems help treat stormwater before it makes it to critical bodies of water.  

In areas with dryer climates like eastern Washington, rainwater harvesting can also be used to fight fires and help reduce flooding in wetter areas.  

“Having a reliable supply of stored water can improve resiliency and speed recovery after a major disaster,” the website says. “Rainwater can also be used as a water source for fire suppression sprinkler systems.” 

If you’re interested in implementing a rainwater harvesting or stormwater management system for your home or business, all you have to do is call or fill out a form online. Northwest Rain Solutions is here to help with individual consultations, designs, installations, and innovations.  

Keep an eye out for the new WaterFrog wet conveyance system that can transport your rainwater wherever need be, even uphill — letting you control the direction of rainwater flow, save space, and eliminate the risk of freezing pipes. 

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