New owners of this home loved its sweeping views of Lake Whatcom and its modern character. But sometimes, even modern needs an update. With a family of five, the house was also due for an expansion, and a bedroom and bathroom was added to produce a total four-bedroom, four-bath lake house. Built in 1996 and remodeled last year, the complete custom renovation generated better flow between rooms and more living space on the second floor. Clients decided to install exterior cork insulation, a rainscreen, and replaced the siding to increase the home’s durability. Because when you live in a house like this, you want to stay for a while.

Lake Whatcom is visible from every room in the living area of the home, remodeled as a near-net-zero home as part of the Community Energy Challenge. The non-profit program supports energy efficiency and is co-partnered by Bellingham’s Opportunity Council and Sustainable Connections.

White oak flooring throughout the living area provides cohesion in the living room and kitchen’s open-floor plan.

Architect: Arbour North Architects
Interior Design: Michelle Banks, formerly with Chuckanut Builders, now operating Spiral Design Studios
General Contractor: Chuckanut Builders
Photographer: Chris DiNottia Photography
Structural Engineers: Ashley & Vance Engineering

"But sometimes, even modern needs an update."