1-Up Lounge


Cream soda, spiced rum, butterscotch schnapps, house vanilla syrup, Tillamook vanilla ice cream

Even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan, this rich and boozy take on Hogsmeade’s brew of choice is a must-try for Halloween.

Spiced rum adds warmth and balances out the sugar of the soda, but it’s the ice cream scoop that takes this concoction over the top. Everything comes served in a tall stein glass and could easily pass for a pint at the Three Broomstick.

Butterbeer is an annual tradition at 1-Up Lounge, and their bartenders are undisputed experts when it comes to whipping up fantasy-inspired libations. Try their version first, then make your own for Halloween parties, Harry Potter marathons, or any evening that could use an extra serving of sweetness. -Cocoa Laney 

1121 McKenzie Ave., Bellingham, 360.398.6183, 1-uplounge.com