Leah Foster knows firsthand that cutting down on waste can be a daunting task. Working in the airline industry made her mindful of our society’s reliance on disposables, and after becoming a mother, she noticed that her own family was going through more of everything. Household necessities such as shampoo, dish soap, and baby products are traditionally sold in plastic. However, finding sustainable alternatives proved challenging.  

Intuiting that other families might be facing similar dilemmas, Foster decided to become part of the solution by opening Pumped. Pumped is a mobile zero-waste shop specializing in household essentials– minus the plastic packaging. The business operates out of a tiny truck, and shoppers are invited to fill reusable containers (either purchased or brought from home) with a variety of everyday products such as cleaners and detergents.  

“I think a lot of times, when you think of zero-waste packaging or quality zero-waste products, it feels a little bit unattainable financially or not sustainable financially,” notes Foster. “So I’ve tried really hard to put this at price points that are affordable to most.” 

In addition to being cost effective, all products at Pumped are sourced from either zero-waste companies or closed-loop companies that reuse packaging. Many of their goods are also vegan.  

Unsurprisingly, the reception for Pumped has been more than welcoming. Many local businesses have been eager to host the Pumped truck, and the shop is also frequently parked at markets and around downtown Bellingham. Foster is excited by the idea of working together as a community to reduce waste and to keep our home beautiful.  

“I am always looking for opportunities to be hooked up with and collaborate with different like-minded organizations in town,” she says. 

For added convenience, you can set up home delivery via their website. Follow @pumpedbellingham on Instagram for more details and to find out where they’ll pop up next.  Bellingham, pumpedbellingham.com