Shake & Shine Canine Wash and Deli

Shake & Shine Canine Wash and Deli is as close to a day spa as your four-legged-friend will experience. Plus, the myriad bath and grooming options, from self-service washes to full-service grooming, makes it easy for pet owners to keep their pooches clean. The Pacific Northwest climate can make keeping pups clean throughout the year a challenge. With rain comes mud and nobody likes a cold shower outside, not even dogs. Luckily, Monika Lange opened the business in the fall of 2014, emphasizing the use of natural, effective products.

Lange’s path to opening Shake & Shine wasn’t exactly a straight one, though she said she has always had pets. “My parents owned a pet shop while I was growing up,” Lange said. Her master’s degree in biology also led her to be involved with animals even prior to Shake & Shine. The biggest influence was the dog community in Bellingham, Lange said, “I wouldn’t have thought about it without them. I totally blame them.” When Lange used to train her dog, Fitz, in nose work, a type of dog competition where dogs target and learn scents, she had the opportunity to meet like-minded dog people in the community. After the idea sprung, she had help from the Small Business Development Center and she reached out to grooming shops in the region for advice.

Today, dog owners will find a menu of options for self-washes, nail clipping services, professional grooming, and products for sale like treats, supplements, and grooming tools. Self-service wash packages include shampoo and conditioning, along with specialized products based on the type of package. Options range from a basic wash to a dry-skin package to natural flea and de-skunk baths. Lange believes in carrying natural products that are free of harsh chemicals. For the summer flea season, she has a wash package that uses a neem shampoo and cedar oil spray as natural flea repellents and itch relievers. The shop also carries grooming tools that Lange tests before putting them on the shelves for her customers. “The ones that prove themselves, those are the ones I sell,” she said.

Pups can even enjoy an after-wash treat at Shake & Shine. Lange carries cupcakes made locally with her own recipe. Each cupcake is cheddar-apple flavored and topped with a cream cheese frosting. Owners can also find grain-free and allergy sensitive bulk treats and cookies. “I really make an effort to get healthy options for the deli,” she said. And for those pups who need help relaxing, Lange stocks the shop with bones, duck feet, and bully sticks.

After being open for nearly three years, Lange said she loves how familiar she has become with the dogs that visit her shop. “As a groomer, you do such different things with dogs. I’m always close to unfamiliar dogs’ faces. I admire the faith the dogs put in me,” Lange said. Grooming is an intimate experience and one that has taught her a lot about the trust animals have in people, she said. Another bonus has been getting to meet “her dogs” out and about in the community as her business has grown. “We have a really good community here. There are so many different activities for people with dogs,” Lange said.

1501 N. State St., Bellingham

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"Grooming is an intimate experience and one that has taught her a lot about the trust animals have in people."