One of the biggest-trending hair styles I see these days is the “high bun,” popularly known known as the “top knot.”

This hairstyle is so quick and simple, you can apply it before you cook breakfast, and it’ll translate throughout the day as you drop off the kids, run your errands, meet your friends for happy hour and wash your face at the end of the evening. The top knot is a stylish timesaver.

It’s versatile too. Refine it, and you have a chic updo for that fancy dinner, wedding party or night out on the town.

What you’ll need:

— 1-2 hair elastics

— A variety of hairpins, bobby pins and jumbo bobby pins

— 1 tail comb

— 2 hair clips

— finishing hairspray

— 1 tissue

Step 1

Make a diagonal parting starting at the recession (corner indent of the hairline) and create a parting that connects to the center of the head, about 3 inches back. Repeat on the other side to connect, creating a triangle. Clip that section up. (The distance and shape will vary depending on the density of the hair.)

Step 2

Pull the rest of the hair up into a high ponytail that butts up against the corner of the triangle.

If the hair is very thick or challenging to hold up, make a smaller upper ponytail, then wrap the rest of the hair around it to make one whole ponytail.

Step 3

Twist the ponytail clockwise with medium tension (not too loose, not too tight) and wrap it in a clockwise direction to create a bun.

Step 4

Use your bobby pins to anchor the bun and secure it into place.

Step 5

Comb out the front triangle section and with the tail of your comb create a parallel parting about 1 inch back from the hairline. Setting that front section aside, take another parallel parting about a half-inch back from the first and back-comb the base, starting from 2 inches and combing down to the scalp.

Repeat this process until all the sections are complete.

Note: The height of your front bump is determined by how much back-combing you do.

In other words, the more you comb, the bigger the bump.

Smooth the front of your bump out by running a comb gently through the front section.

Step 6

Braid the hair coming off that section just beyond the back combing.

Step 7

Wrap the braid around the bun, tucking the tail underneath.

Use your big bobby pins to secure the braid into the base of the bun, and your hairpins to secure and soften the edges.

Step 8

Lightly spray the style with finishing hairspray and use your tissue to glaze over the head and smooth down any flyaways.

You’re done! Just in time for breakfast.