Bellingham is full of femme creatives, and many of these artists make wearable works of art that can be shown off every day rather than just hung up in your home. 

Marion Bouquet is one of these women who runs her business, Golden Fern Adornments, making and painting wooden earrings inspired by all things wild. They often feature creatures like serpents and moths, plants and fungi, or even scenery like Mount Baker and the night sky above. No matter the design, the color scheme is always thoughtfully planned out by Bouquet as she pictures the color combinations in her mind that work together to complement the design beautifully, and they’re always tied together with golden accents. 

When creating her earrings, the process always begins with base coats on both sides. Once they’re dry, Bouquet can work on the designs and details before protecting them with a layer of matte varnish. Each piece is then assembled using gold plated or 14-karat-filled findings.  

“It’s a very meditative process and I can’t get enough of it,” Bouquet says. 

Bouquet hails from France where she attended a ceramics school learning the glaze decorating and painting skills that she now uses for her jewelry. Having only started her business in December 2021, Bouquet finds it both humbling and rewarding to see how much she and her art have already evolved.

“This magical place,” she says, is the fuel for her creativity, and her inspiration grows from her roots as an herbalist which gave her a deep connection to nature. 

“I spend a lot of time in the forest, by the river, in the mountains,” Bouquet says. “I love earthy tones and playing with color combinations.” After traveling all over the world with a hunger for discovery and connection with people from different cultures and walks of life, Bouquet fell in love with the Pacific Northwest, and Bellingham in particular stole her heart.  

“I never felt at home until I landed in Bellingham,” Bouquet says. “The natural environment here brings me a deep sense of belonging and connection that I have never felt anywhere else, not even where I am from, surrounded by family.”  

When she settled here, Bouquet felt called to capture the wild aspect of her life through painting– and then to offer the community something new in terms of wearable art that has that connection to the natural world.  

You can find Bouquet’s charming creations at 


Other local femme creatives who craft wearable art in the form of jewelry: 

  • Daddi Bling, or Maddi Studer, sells rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other goods that she makes by hand. Her rings are often bright sterling silver with flashy centerpieces of opal, turquoise, or abalone and eye-catching clear earrings with intricate carvings accented with gold. 
  • Alma Earrings, a business she named after her cat, features funky and chunky clay retro designs to hang on your ears. If you buy one of her products, 15% will go to a nonprofit that supports and educates diverse communities, and free delivery is offered for local purchases.
  • BLING is run by Emma Harley who features her jewelry making and metal work through copper cuffs and rings to braided leather bolos and antler earrings. She focuses on sustainability by using traditional methods, sourcing stones ethically, and utilizing reclaimed metal. 

And if jewelry isn’t your thing, you might try donning these artists’ creations: 

  • Shred Witch is a one-woman run shop with a colorful style to connect you to mother nature’s magic with earthy hand-tie-dyed shirts and socks with screen-printed designs – It’s art you can wear while you’re out shredding on a bike or casually around town!
  • Gaudy by Nature Goods is all about sustainable sewing and natural resources. The creator, Jane, makes mitts and sweatshirts to keep you warm, all kinds of vintage fabric bags with fun designs, and even upcycled cat toys!