The Shop 

Feeling good in what you wear can be the difference between a good or bad day, but feeling good about what you’re wearing might be the key to prolonged happiness. At Eleventh St GOODS, Owner Nicole Goodwin’s lifelong passion for fashion has ensured that the majority of what she sells in her store comes from a thoughtful place. 

 “I wanted to have a store where I really focused on brands that could have more of a purpose than just fast fashion,” says Goodwin. “Like women-owned, Black-owned, Asian-owned, LGBTQ, some local finds, a lot of friends that have lines, brands that focus on sustainability or conscious manufacturing.” 

The Atmosphere 

Goodwin’s goal when customers walk into her store is to make them feel like they are in “a pleasant space that people just enjoy being in.” Her focus was to ensure nothing feels too cluttered or overwhelming for anyone returning to the in-person shopping scene. 

  “I feel like after COVID, everybody’s so tired of shopping online, they want to come back to the old shopping experience,” Goodwin noted. “They want a smaller place to see everything clearly, they can have space to try stuff on, and look around and have personal help.” 

  The store offers an airy, minimalistic, and bright space which was intentionally done to accommodate Washington’s often gray and gloomy weather. With some catchy tunes pulsing in the background and well-organized racks of clothing on either side, the experience at Eleventh St GOODS is sure to become one of the most relaxed, and socially conscious, shopping experiences around. 

Key People 

Hailing from Los Angeles, Goodwin has been in the design sector of fashion for 25 years. After helping design for her family’s leather factory as well as working retail in various stores, the fashion business has always been on her mind. 

 “I’ve always wanted to open up stores, it’s always been my dream.” 

  After visiting on and off for nine years, Goodwin finally moved to Bellingham, her husband’s hometown, in 2019. She knew Fairhaven was a staple to the community, so when she decided to open her own store in August 2021, the historic district seemed like the perfect spot to do it. 

  With her business being open for just under a year, Goodwin is still getting to know her community and customers and she appreciates the thoughtfulness people seem to put into their clothing choices. 

What You’ll Find 

Goodwin looks to sell items that hold purpose. Some of her store staples include sustainable and consciously manufactured items, meaning customers can find anything from JUST Female’s blouses, blazers, and jeans, to vintage watch chains that were repurposed as necklaces. 

While Goodwin came into the business already knowing a few brands that she wanted to carry, she is also continuing to listen to what her customers want and provide that in the store. 

 “I just wanted to add something different,” Goodwin says. “Something a little more elevated, that really focused on quality.” 


Goodwin has many favorites considering she handpicks everything she sells in her store; however, she knows the vintage Levis and sweatshirts are a fan favorite. Standouts seemed to be two items Goodwin uses herself, including a JUST Female Vienna Blazer (which she was wearing on the day of her interview) and perfumes, oils, and lotions from Kai, which she has used personally for ten years. 

 Because of the thought Goodwin puts into her brand, Eleventh St GOODS is a fitting addition to Fairhaven, something that Goodwin is grateful for as well. 

 “I feel very lucky because everybody’s been super welcoming, and I feel that people that come in here are really excited that I’m here, and really excited about the clothes,” Goodwin says. “It’s nice to know that my dream is kind of matching up with what people want here in this very small community. So it’s kind of a dream come true.” 

 1143 11th St., Bellingham, 360.366.8040,