What’s On Your List?
Bucket Lists have made a huge surge in our culture — and somehow it sounds far more appealing than “my list of things to do before I expire.” In fact, you can even create small lists, such as a Bucket List for your 20s, 30s, or a Bucket List before you get married and have kids. The idea is to look at the finality of something, not necessarily just your life, and create a conglomeration of desires, passions, wants, life experiences, accomplishments and things you’d like to do or get done. Bottom line — it’s a way to remind yourself to live life to its fullest, to remember to do the things that bring you joy or a sense of pride. It helps you to avoid putting the important things off (important to you, personally), before it’s too late to do them.

Life Is Beautiful
Everyone is different. It’s a profoundly simple statement, but one that holds a critical truth. One person’s Bucket List may hold things full of adrenaline and exotic world travel, while another involves building something with their child or finishing a 5K race. No one’s list is better or more important — it’s the diversity that allows us to celebrate each individual person and their dreams. Life is beautiful, and part of that beauty comes from taking a moment to revel in it, to be purely in the moment without distraction. To soak in the surroundings and be present with the task at hand, knowing that it leads toward a sense of purpose. It’s about crossing an item off your list of things you’ve always wanted to do or try, and finding happiness in the fact that you made it a priority.

It’s All About Balance
The world is fast-paced these days. We are bombarded with an over-abundance of information
and often spend too much time trying to wade through it and pick out the most useful pieces. It’s
easy to get caught up looking at what the Jones’s are up to, comparing what you have to what others have, and get lost in negative media and the horrible things happening in the world. It’s just as easy to lose yourself in the never-ending routine — work, school, parenting, appointments, surfing the net. You complain about getting up too early, working too late, spending too much time in traffic, the housework is overwhelming, the errands are endless.
A Bucket List can lend hope, and give you permission to do something else. The key is not to go
too crazy (unless it’s something that’s desperately needed to better your life). Find balance in the
everyday routine, and block out chunks of time and money to live a little. Some Bucket List items don’t even require funding. Walk the wonderful line between getting the necessary things done and indulging in moments that infuse you with enthusiasm to be part of this awesome world.

Get Inspired
The best part of a Bucket List is that it pretty much has no bounds. For the most part — if we
can dream it, we can do it. Although you probably won’t be prima ballerina with the PNB or a wide receiver on the Seahawks, you can still achieve levels within those dreams. After all, there are adult ballet classes and community sports leagues around the area. Where do you begin? Sit with yourself for a moment. What is something you have always wanted to do? See the Eiffel Tower in person? Run a marathon? Smoothly converse in another language? The marvelous thing about a Bucket List is that you don’t have to be great at what you want to do, unless that’s the goal, but it’s about the trying. The doing. The fearlessness to embrace life and full-on live it. And while you’re making your list, start local.


 Base jumping at Eagle Falls
Flowing from the Skykomish River and located in the western region of the central Cascades off
Stevens Pass, Eagle Falls is a spectacular cliff jumping area. The highest point at over 80 feet will get you pumped and out of your comfort zone. This jump is for only the avid thrill-seeker. There is a smaller 40-ft jump and rope swing for those less enthusiastic. Either way if you mark this off your bucket list, play it safe.

Up, up and away
The whisper of quiet, a rush of flame and before you know it you hover among treetops and birds. The land below is a patchwork quilt of greens and golds, with people, cars and buildings displayed like tiny model villages. Rise above it all with a hot air balloon ride. The Snohomish location meeting spot for Over the Rainbow, a popular local hot air balloon company, is the Maltby Cafe — yum! overtherainbowhotairballoonrides.com

Fast and furious
Some people are built with an intrinsic need for speed. Cars and the thunder of the track get their juices flowing. These days you can fulfill the fantasy in an ideal setting rather than just going to Evergreen Speedway in Monroe. ProFormance Racing School in Kent may not technically be in the county, but they are definitely close enough by to visit for a day class, personal training/coaching sessions and other various popular courses. proformanceracingschool.com

Dive deep
Enter the depths of the Puget Sound at the Edmonds Underwater Park. One of the premiere
cold water dive spots, the underwater world hides a beautifully strange menagerie of sea creatures. Hooded nudibranchs, shipwrecks, crustaceans, sea slugs and more await the daring dry-suit diver. underwatersports.com

Fly high
Taking flight opens up the world in so many ways. The views are unmatched as you soar through
life. Boys, girls, men, women — anyone who has dreamed of piloting their own plane — have ample options in the North End. However, Snohomish Flying Service has been helping people achieve their dreams since 1945. For the 13- to 18-year-old crew, the Youth Aviation Academy, run by volunteers from the Washington Pilots Association, lets young dreamers get closer to their goals. snohomishflying.com | wpaflys.org/aviation_academy

Complete a marathon
The first couple weeks will be pain but once you get through that and have a plan for your running routine you will be able to hit your stride and add mileage daily. Soon enough you will be in great shape and those 26.2 miles will seem like a piece of cake; not to mention that the satisfaction you get from it will last you a lifetime. So, gear up and mark it off your bucket list. arlingtonrunnersclub.org, raytownsend.com/Running (North Sound Runners) Note: Keep an eye on races and runs section of NEM

Reach the summit
There is something mystical about the peaks of mountains. Since the early days, adventurers have sought to reach the top of the highest mountains around the world. In Western Washington we are surrounded by glorious ranges just begging to be explored. Although often hidden from view, Glacier Peak is located right here in Snohomish County. Those who have reached the pinnacle rave about the epic views, where the land and water stretch around you, and other peaks offer you titillating and tempting glimpses. One of the higher mountains in Washington, the Lynnwood REI has gear and classes to help prepare you for this incredible experience. hh summitpost.org/glacier-peak/150318 rei.com/stores/alderwood

Go to a SilverTips game
Fast-paced action on ice at blinding speeds right in front of you; what’s not to love? The Everett Silvertips joined the Western Hockey League back in 2003 and has qualified for the playoffs in every season since, winning three U.S. Division Championships, a WHL Regular Season title and a Western Conference Championship. hh For game schedule and tickets everettsilvertips.com.

Taste the finest wine
Swirl. Smell. Sip — three actions of wine tasting we all know and love. Washington has become a go-to for wine connoisseurs and vintners to produce a variety of award-winning wines. The Woodinville Wine Festival is a good place to start your viniculture adventure. Festival entry comes with a glass, a free gift and of course your passport. There is a free wine valet service available, but we suggest getting together with some friends and renting a town car or limousine. At the least be safe and have a designated driver. woodinvillewinecountry.com

Try the new Beardslee Pub House owned by John Howie
Having opened in late November, this craft beer, liquor and food experience is part of the John Howie Restaurant Group and all that entails — spectacular foods to exceptional drinks. The Beardslee Pub House features a ten-barrel brewery, offering thirteen craft brews in total. Incorporating the best in local brews with great Northwest-crafted specialities, this Pub House is surely a beer connoisseur’s dream and a foodie’s ideal dinner destination. beardsleecrossing.com

Take a glass-blowing lesson at the Schack Art Center
Thanks to the international recognition of Dale Chihuly, glass blowing is a well-known art form for the Pacific Northwest. Learn the art of working with molten glass and create your own masterpiece at the Hot Shop located inside the Schack Art Center. There are all levels of classes for ages 18+. schack.org

Learn to swing dance, jitterbug and cha-cha
Ballroom dancing is invigorating and graceful. A time-honored way of socializing, ballroom dancing creates strong muscles and friendships. You can either take private lessons or opt for more social dancing in groups and at clubs. theverveballroom.com

Try pole dancing fitness
A playful workout for you or with your girlfriends, pole dancing is a full-body workout that will tone you like nothing else. Gain confidence and skill while having lots of fun and also getting a serious workout. Some pole dancing studios also teach aerial movement, hooping and other forms of dance. divinemovement.com

Explore the Big Four Ice Caves
Located outside of Granite Falls in the North Cascades are some magnificent ice caves that were formed by melting snow, waterfalls and the wind. This is an easy 2.2 mile round-trip hike on a wide gravel road. You gain only 220 ft so this is great for kids as well. But PLEASE be careful and do not climb on or in the caves. wta.org

Attend one of the outdoor summer concerts at Tulalip Casino
There is nothing like being outdoors and listening to the sweet sound of one of your favorite bands. Watch for the all-star lineup released in May and get your tickets early. These concerts ROCK and sell out quickly.

Have a Burger, Fries and Shake at Dicks Drive-In
In 1956, McDonald’s was only a year old, Americans loved their cars and Dick Spady — along with his two partners — had a vision that customers could drive up and order the all-American meal: a hamburger, fries and a shake, right from their cars. Now an icon in the Seattle area with six locations, Dick’s still serves highquality food at low prices. Take a trip down nostalgia lane and try the newest location at 21910 HWY 99 in Edmonds.

Whoop it up at the rodeo
Put on your cowboy hat and check out the Enumclaw Fair and Pro-West Rodeo. Held in the evenings during late August the rodeo features three days of bull riding, barrel racing, calf roping and so much more. A perfect way to spend an hot August night.

Get tickets to the 2015 US Open at Chambers Bay
From June 15-21, 2015, Chambers Bay will host the U.S. Open as it comes to the Pacific Northwest for the very first time in its history. The traditional linksland course is unlike any in our area and is sure to give the pros a run for their money. It offers massive, rolling fairways, towering dunes that look over the Pacific Ocean, which carries in the coastal winds. This will be a site to see how the world’s best golfers navigate this phenomenal course. usga.org

Check out the new mural at the Boeing plant in Everett
The Boeing factory plant in Everett recently applied a new mural to all its six factory doors which are 82 feet tall and 300 to 350 feet wide. This puts them in the Guiness Book of World Records for the world’s largest mural. A site to see!

Golf with a pro
Always wonder what it would be like to play with the big boys? Here is your chance. Every year the Boeing Classic Champions Tour offers a Pro Am Tournament that is held the first part of the week. Get paired with a world class champion golfer and have a once in a lifetime experience. The tournament will be held August 17-23, 2015 at the TPC Snoqualmie Ridge. boeingclassic.com

Fill your jug
Hidden away in the middle of Lynnwood is something amazing: the 164th Street Artesian Well. Bring a jug and stand in line for pure, clean potable water that bubbles up to the surface at ten gallons per minute. There are no additives or detectable contaminants, and the well is tested monthly for E. Coli and other bacteria. Be patient — the line can get long, but it is well worth the wait!

Get on the jumbotron
Unfortunately there is no way to ensure that you are going to get on the big screen at Centurylink or Safeco Field, but you can increase your chances by puckering up, bringing out the big signs or dressing up with serious flair in your most outrageous apparel. Dance, scream and just have a good time, and chances are you will make the big screen. Good Luck!

Movies under the Stars
Put down your iPad and cell phone, grab a chair and head on over to Willis Tucker Community Park for a nostalgic evening of Movies in the Park. The series runs Thursday evenings mid-July to midAugust. Although the event is free, donations are accepted, and they benefit the Snohomish County Parks Department. Go to www. Snohomishcountywa. gov for the movie schedule and more information.

Experience the Fremont Solstice Parade
Known for its wild outfits, naked bodies on bikes and all around weirdness the Fremont Solstice Parade will be held on Saturday June 20, 2015 at 3 p.m. The parade route stars at 33th and Leary Way and ends in Gasworks Park at HONK Fest West. Enjoy local and national street bands, food, beverage and a variety of vendors until nightfall.

Listen to blues and jazz at The Oxford Saloon
Formerly a saloon and brothel in the 1800s, this restored historic building is a great place to hang out with friends, listen to amazing live music and enjoy mouthwatering burgers and food. Considered one of the most haunted buildings in Snohomish by the Washington State Ghost Society, keep an eye open for the ghosts that are said to be haunting the old building. 913 1st St, Snohomish.

Explore Ghost Towns
Ghost towns and mines are all around us, they are rich in history filled with visual stories of disaster, sacrifice and a time long forgotten. Grab a hold of a friend, partner or spouse and dive into the underground workings of a mine or explore a town or site that was long ago abandoned. Ghost Towns of Washington offers a comprehensive site that will help you navigate the surrounding area or, if you dare, the entire state. ghosttownsofwashington.com

Ride the Great Wheel in downtown Seattle
Towering at over 175 feet, the Seattle Great Wheel is the largest observation wheel on the West Coast. Extending close to 40 feet beyond the pier, it is a great way to see the city lights at night. Featuring 41 fully enclosed gondolas — which can seat up to eight adults — and one VIP gondola that touts leather bucket seats, a stereo system and glass bottom floor, seating up to four adults. Whatever your choice, this is a bucket list must!

Karaoke at One Eyed Jacks Roadhouse
Love to belt out the tunes to the Eagles, Madonna or even Blake Shelton? Why not get on stage and show the world — okay, Lynnwood — what you’ve got. Whether you have an amazing voice or just want to get out of your shell and have some fun, One Eyed Jacks Roadhouse is known for great Karaoke. Throw on your party clothes, grab some friends and have some fun!

Taste all the chocolate variety flavors of PinkaBella Cupcakes
Award winning Pinkabella Cupcakes serves up over 81 varieties of mouthwatering cupcakes, and many of them are of the chocolate variety. From salted caramel (our favorite) and root beer float to Sin Mint and peanut butter cup, there is no shortage of options. Available in both regular size and mini cupcakes, these little morsels are bound to satisfy that inner craving. Serving at five locations, including the Alderwood Mall.

Be a tourist in Everett
Who knew there would be so much to discover right here in our own back yard? Make a list and spend a weekend getting to know your town. Visit The Historical Flight Museum, tour the Boeing Plant, and explore The Museum of Flight. Check out the current exhibits at Schack Art Center, catch a Silvertips Game, try the beer at FishTail Ale and wander the waterfront. There is so much to see and do. Need ideas? snohomish.org

Creating Your Bucket List
Keep a notebook, make a spreadsheet, jot it down on a scrap of paper. The key to a bucket list is to open yourself up to any possibility — without putting limitations on it. It doesn’t have to be big or small, it just needs to fill up that space where you imagine a life highlight. In your head, you can see yourself driving a convertible up a winding hill in Italy, the sun and wind flitting about you. It’s taking that snapshot that came within yourself and bringing it to life, making it come to fruition, believing in it and allowing it to happen. You can start local or go global. Make your own personal list or together with someone else, even your family. It’s about maximizing your existence, and to soak up enthusiasm for life. You never know when you can make things on your list happen, but don’t give up on any of it — it all matters.

"The best part of a Bucket List is that it pretty much has no bounds. For the most part — if we can dream it, we can do it."