The Shop

It’s difficult to walk out of Poppy & Pomegranate without smiling. Open since April 2023, this floral and gift shop brings a breath of fresh air to Fairhaven’s historic district.

Owner Elyse Perron-Evans began Poppy & Pomegranate as a floral service in 2019, offering a-la-carte and full-service floral delivery for all occasions, special and otherwise. With the new brick-and-mortar, she’s expanded to offer everything from local art to pottery and even jewelry.

The Atmosphere

Upon walking into the space, two things are immediately noticeable: a neon sign reminding visitors that “you deserve flowers” and the scent of— what else?— fresh blooms. Poppy & Pomegranate’s wares mostly adhere to a cheery color palette of pinks, yellows, and dusty oranges. Rather than feeling formal, the shop has the kind of ambiance that makes you want to sit and stay for a while.

“There are studies that show that having flowers in your space, even a week after getting them, you have less anxiety,” Perron-Evans says. “Your moods continuously increase. I know that’s it’s a luxury, but even just every other week, being able to have something fresh and changeable can just make a world of difference to how you feel.”

Key People

As soon as she broke into the floral industry, Perron-Evans knew she wanted a retail space of her very own. But Poppy & Pomegranate isn’t just the culmination of a personal dream; it’s her way of connecting with the community and supporting local artists.

Fittingly, the shop features an upstairs workshop space where creators can host community-led events. It’s already played host to several floral workshops, but Perron-Evans is quick to underline that the possibilities extend beyond blooms alone.

“I want it to become a space that people feel they can rent and then host a class … whether it’s candlemaking, dyeing things with natural ingredients, even if it’s a paint-and-sip,” she says. “It goes into that whole community aspect; I just want this to be a space where people can come in and feel a part of something.”

What You’ll Find

Allow me to state the obvious: Poppy & Pomegranate’s most abundant offerings are fresh flowers. But in addition to
bouquets, there’s a curated selection of jewelry, art, and gift items like candles, cards, and more.

“My major focus is on supporting other creators as well as local growers,” says Perron-Evans. “Just building a community around flowers, creation, art, and all that kind of stuff.”

With both merchandise and florals, Perron-Evans makes it a point to stay as local as possible. She sources flowers from regional growers such as Whidbey Island’s Grass Becomes A Wave and Ferndale’s Half Moon Farm, as well as the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market Cooperative.


Perron-Evans loves polymer earrings, and her current favorite flowers include the Queen Lime Orange variety grown by Priscilla at Grass Becomes a Wave. She’s also excited about her varied selection of dahlias, which were perfectly in season at the time of writing. At the end of the day, Perron-Evans believes that flowers are for more than just special occasions— and, if no one has bought you flowers lately, you can always take matters into your own hands.