How many people get to live the dream of owning a spa? Well Beth and Tom Sanger do. At the beginning of 2014, Beth and Tom were the proud new owners of Ombú Salon + Spa, an Edmonds fixture at the corner of 6th and Main. The spa, on the verge of closing, needed rescuing, and the couple happily stepped in. They found they already had an excellent location, an amazing staff and loyal patrons who loved the spa’s organic mission. While Beth has enthusiastically taken the helm, it’s the experienced staff that makes this a stand-out establishment.

It’s been said before, and will probably be repeated many more times, that Edmonds is a salon town. And yet the further you explore the pampering landscape, the more you begin to realize that each is a unique space that has something a little different to offer. In fact, it’s pretty fun to find which spas work for you and on what level.

Ombú Salon + Spa encapsulates tranquility, and you’ll encounter stylists, estheticians and a massage therapist that reflect that. You’ll be greeted warmly before you’re whisked away to lovely, relaxing rooms and the skilled hands of knowledgeable professionals. When it comes to facials, esthetician Laura is more than simply adept. Her informative conversation and delightful personality make it a helpful and uplifting experience. There is no doubt that she cares about the health and wellness of each client, and guides gently toward healthier skin. Laura was the 2009 recipient of Allure magazine’s “Best Facial in Seattle.”

While Ombú offers many of the expected services you look for in a salon and spa, they also have reflexology. An alternative natural therapy along the lines of acupressure, reflexology followers swear by its results. Emily, who does both massage and reflexology at Ombú, finds that it is a less invasive way to get many of the same results as massage, and that some people are more comfortable with it. She is informative, with a deep knowledge of natural healing techniques and methods. Her warmth is genuine, as is her gift in holistic care.

It’s the little things at Ombú that will keep it an Edmond’s favorite. Whether it’s the quality organic and all-natural lines they carry, like Eminence and Pureology, the handwritten follow-up note they send you or the greeting and tea you receive each visit — they are an excellent spa to try. Call or visit their website to find out what services interest you, or visit them during the Edmonds Art Walk, when they host an artist and open their doors to the community.

550 Main St., Ste. B, Edmonds
Mon.–Sat. 9 a.m.–7 p.m.
425.778.6322 |

"While Beth has enthusiastically taken the helm, it’s the experienced staff that makes this a stand-out establishment."