Arctic Raven Gallery


Located in the heart of the Salish Sea, Arctic Raven Gallery has been supporting Coast Salish, Alaska Native, and Inuit artists for 24 years in downtown Friday Harbor. Open May through late October, the gallery showcases art from over 200 Native artists, including prominent master artists like Robert Davidson, members of the Hunt family, and Susan Point.


The gallery features an open plan with wooden floors, neutral colored walls, and a smaller upstairs gallery. Sculptures sit atop pedestals, and carved wooden masks are mounted on walls. The inviting space allows visitors to peruse the collection at their leisure and if questions arise, knowledgeable staff can answer questions about the artist and art.


Curious about Northwest Coast art at an early age, owner Lee Brooks studied the history and craft. Over time, he developed close relationships with Native American artists, and his fair treatment and dedication to Native artists and their art often give him first pick of their finest art.

“I am most concerned with how visitors feel after leaving the gallery,” says Brooks. “My goal is to share one new piece of information with each person so that they can learn something about local cultures they did not know before. My hope is that the gallery provides a window for them to see and feel native people without impediment.”

Brooks’ team includes gallery assistants Judy Chovan and Julia Youri. Youri works behind the scenes providing editorial and publishing services. Currently, the gallery is preparing for an exhibition with Rande Cook titled Kwagu_l Stylin’ on Saturday, Sept. 14.


Much of the collection focuses on Coast Salish artists, and prices range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Artworks include serigraphs and silkscreens, carved wooden masks, boxes and panels, jewelry ($50 to $200), sculptures of figures and animals carved out of stone and ivory and whale bone, and wood-carved plaques ($50 to $200).

Select art can be viewed online, like “Walrus Transformation” by Richard Olanna ($4,500), “Sun Mask” by Tom Hunt ($6,500), “Ancestral Guardian” by Susan Point ($6,700), and if something catches your eye, they ship globally.

130 S 1st St., Friday Harbor
360.378.3433 |

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"'I am most concerned with how visitors feel after leaving the gallery,' says Brooks."