Ferndale’s Petals & Blooms Barn Full of Farmhouse Finds

Located on North Star Road in Ferndale, the unassuming barn housing Petals & Blooms sits atop a hill offering unparalleled views of Mount Baker. Inside, you’ll find everything you’d ever need for your interior and exterior spaces. From live plants to artificial, cakestands to church windows, Kathy, Erin, and Bre McGuire are proud of their products and pricing. The products they sell are very similar to furnishing you might see on popular home flipping shows but cost less than half as much. The shop is open year-round, but check their Facebook page for daily hours. Whether you’re looking for your mom’s birthday present, redesigning your garden, or putting the finishing design touches on your home, Petals & Blooms has what you need.


Kathy got her start in the flower industry. When her daughter, Erin, was between jobs, the duo bought a vintage trailer, out of which they sold flower bouquets on streets throughout Whatcom County. “The Pike Place Market bouquets wrapped in paper are so popular, and we wanted to bring that north,” Erin says. Eventually, their street-side sales turned into pop-ups at markets and shows across Washington. With their growing success and support from customers, they decided to transition into selling decorations, signs, baskets, and more. They rented a warehouse in Blaine which acted as a storage and sales space until Kathy built the barn on her property. The barn served as a staging area for packing up the truck for shows before eventually turning into the store it is now.


Brides have been obsessed with Petals & Blooms products. From tiny flower pots to chalkboards, everything a bride needs can be found within the barn. Kathy even offers shopping by appointment. If a bride would like private shopping time, they can contact Kathy and she’d be happy to help. She’s also likely to have the right amount of product in-store: Buying in bulk keeps the cost low and quantity high.


Before Petals & Blooms was “Petals & Blooms,” Kathy called her business “Favorite Things.” When she brought in her daughter-in-law Bre, she and Erin convinced Kathy to change the name. “No one knows what that means!” Bre says through laughter. The name change affects more than just the storefront: the girls are working on creating a brand-new website. They also started the Instagram account, joking that they’ve all become “Instagram-possessed.” For nearly two years, Petals & Blooms has served customers out of their well-organized barn. You can shop there, or at any of the many shows the McGuire girls appear at throughout the year. Check out their Facebook page to stay up to date on hours, booths, and sales.

5780 N. Star Rd., Ferndale
360.920.1294 | facebook.com/petalsandbloomsbham

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"The products they sell are very similar to furnishing you might see on popular home flipping shows but cost less than half as much."