Raw, organic, and unique. The thought came in one of Quo Yong Fu’s dreams. He combined the three words and eventually turned it into the clothing store and cafe, Rawganique, now in Blaine.

Founders Qeanu Wallner and Fu were living secluded off Vancouver Island when they originally started the business in 1997.

“We were rescuing animals, growing our own food, and living off the grid,” Fu says. “We were totally off the grid. No backup generator or anything like that for many years.”

They eventually moved back to the mainland, but maintained their sustainable lifestyle. They say everything they wore and ate was organic, didn’t contain any added chemicals, and was made by hand.

“People started asking ‘Where do I get this? Where do I get that?’” Fu says. “We started offering [our products] and we’ve moved from one product to now over 1,000 products over many years.”

Rawganique was originally based out of Canada, but Fu and Wallner moved the store to the U.S. because of shipping logistics with most of the store’s customers being from the U.S. They made their first stop in Point Roberts in 2015 before moving the store to its current Blaine location in September 2018.

Wallner and Fu (pictured with general manager Christy Lonquist) refer to Rawganique as a lifestyle store. Inside, customers can find shirts, pants, undergarments, shoes, bedding, backpacks, and even mattresses. They say every item for sale in the store is made with organic cotton, linen, or hemp, and everything in the cafe is made with organic ingredients.

Fu says the idea to have a cafe in the store was due in part to organic and sustainable living being a way of life.

“It’s a lifestyle concept,” Fu says. “You don’t just eat organic, you wear organic, and you sleep on organic.”

Wallner says it’s possibly due to the two of them being indecisive.

“We love both and couldn’t let go of either,” Wallner says. “The organic food is just a wonderful addition to the town. There’s been so much encouragement from people in Blaine when they heard who we are and what we’re doing.”

Customers can walk out of the store with hemp yoga leggings ($69), hemp knit tee shirts, or 100 percent hemp jeans ($104). Fu says everything is made in-house at the warehouse around the corner from the store or at the main workshop for its clothing located in Europe. Over in the cafe, customers can pick from salads, baked goods, and a variety of smoothie bowls ($9).

General manager Christy Lonquist says adding a physical location for the store in addition to the already existing online presence has been huge in connecting to its customers.“

It makes the company more real because there’s so many online companies now,” Lonquist says. “Now that we have a presence, it’s grounded and we have roots. People can come here and feel and touch and buy and eat. It complements the online part of it because it makes us a real company.”

429 Peace Portal Dr., Blaine
720.899.4367 | rawganique.com

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"'You don’t just eat organic, you wear organic, and you sleep on organic.'"