Edaleen Dairy

The success of Edaleen Dairy is a tale as old as time. With a reputation for friendly service and delicious frozen goods, it’s no wonder why they’ve been so popular. After serving up milk and ice cream for four decades, they’ve finally landed within Bellingham boundaries.

Owners Ed and Aileen Brandsma combined their names and talents to create Edaleen Dairy in 1975, with less 100 than cows and a handful of workers. They began selling ice cream in 1982, and have since swept through Sumas, Ferndale, Lynden, Blaine, and now Bellingham, dishing out delicious dairy desserts.


On February 18, this newest location opened on 10th Street across the popular Fairhaven Village Green.

“We’ve had Bellingham on our radar for a long time,” says General Manager Mitch Moorlag. “Fairhaven felt like its own little community.”

As the sixth, and according to Moorlag possibly not the last, of Edaleen Dairy shops, it features many of the same beloved products that have been around forever, with a sophisticated shop design to boot.

The black and white checkerboard floor contrasts dainty lighting hanging above the ice cream bar and petite tables perfect for chatting with friends. Grabbing bar seats at the front secures you a great view of the green and the historic Knights of Pythias building. It’s an ideal way to relax with your treat.


There’s no shortage of options in this sweets shop. Their classic hard ice cream bar—stocked with 24 rotating flavors—is a safe bet, but take a second to scan your other options. There’s ice cream cakes and cupcakes, and not two feet away you’ll find six tubs of Ellenos Greek Yogurt made from, you guessed it, Edaleen milk.

Tucked into a corner is a fridge full of the well-known milk in different percentages and flavors. Behind the counter, a soft-serve ice cream dispenser adds even more items to the menu. Specialty Edaleen treats like the Death by Chocolate and the Very Berry are available, along with the debut of The Big Ed: a 12-scoop mountain of frozen delight.

They even sell seasonal milkshakes blended from their own hard ice cream, which is the cherry on top of this modern shop with a traditional taste. Drop by, and savor your summer with a creamy scoop … or two.

1200 10th St. Suite 104., Bellingham
360.220.9833 | edaleendairy.com

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"After serving up milk and ice cream for four decades, they’ve finally landed within Bellingham boundaries."