Working from home has been one of the many challenges of COVID-19. This family’s guest room was the best option for a writer’s home office, however they still needed a space for guests. The challenge was combining both needs into one small space. The writer needed a desk, bookcases, and file storage, as well as somewhere for art. Meanwhile, guests would need a bed, closet, drawers, and, ideally, somewhere to sit.  

The solution was to design a custom built-in wall unit to house a Murphy bed, office storage, and a place for art. To save space, we mounted the bed horizontally, with arm lights above for reading or soft lighting. Artwork is tastefully displayed in the open area above the bed, and most of the cabinets have glass fronts for a more open, less bulky look. 

The desk takes up much of the room’s front wall and window, making it difficult to open the closet door. Our solution was to install a barn door with an interesting diagonal pattern instead. 

With just a bit of leftover room, we created a cushioned settee with throw pillows where guests can lounge. Below the bench is additional storage for bedding, clothing, and work items. 

With a little creativity and some really good space planning, we were able to make this guest room/office into an inviting, multi-functional space where anyone would enjoy spending time.