“Bellingham at Home” is a soon to be program for seniors in Bellingham to help them stay living in their homes as long as possible. The program is modeled off of the Village which is a seniors program that has worked across the country. The program is planned to offer seniors with access to volunteers and professionals who can help with home repair, personal care, shopping, work in the yard, health care, and various other services. Along with help, the program is designed to also create a community. Depression is common within seniors and this program will provide a friendly visit or even someone who will go to appointments with them for support. The program will need grants and sponsors in order to get up and running and eventually there will be an annual fee for seniors of $300-$800 in order to be a part of the program. The goal is to have “Bellingham at Home” in effect by 2016.

For more information visit: wccoa.org/index.php/BellinghamatHome/