Sometimes we forget about our very own backyard, living in Washington with such abundant, delicious, vibrant, and varied wine options. But, lest you forget! I am here to remind… Some beautiful iterations are a hop, skip, and a jump away. Among them is Bellingham’s own Dynasty Cellars, this year’s Silver winner for Bellingham Alive’s Best of the Northwest Readers’ Choice Awards, and maker of my wine choice of the month: 2022 Sauvignon Blanc. 

Peter and his wife Olga are living a classic “American dream” story, having escaped Communist Yugoslavia in the ‘80s and ended up rooting here in Bellingham where they eventually formed Dynasty Cellars in 1995. They have strong family roots in the wine world (dating back generations, in fact), and how lucky are we that they chose to bring their talents here to the beautiful Pacific Northwest?

 Dynasty Cellars is conveniently located right off Bakerview, and you can stop in on Friday or Saturday afternoons between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., year-round. Upon arrival you will probably meet winemaker Peter Osvaldik who will be happy to pour you samples, answer questions about his wine, and most likely serve you a small dish of peanuts. Try their award winning Port or help local nonprofit wildlife protection by purchasing a bottle of their 400 Strong (100% of proceeds are donated), a chewy and satisfying red blend. Maybe we’ll run into each other this fall at Dynasty Cellars’ outside heated patio where you can sip, covered. 

Dynasty Cellars 2169 E. Bakerview Rd., Bellingham 360.220.4111 

Tasting Notes: Aromas offer unpeeled pink grapefruit, ripe apricots, hula berry, and chopped basil, which is followed with unctuous citrus pith, starfruit, kiwi, and underripe banana. 

Pairing Suggestion: Plum-Feta Frisée Salad, Oysters on the Half Shell, Miso Soup, Rotisserie Chicken, Roasted Sunchokes, Spinach-Pistachio Pesto, Grilled Portobello.