We all want to eat food that makes us feel our best— but finding the time to prepare nutritious meals is easier said than done. Luckily folks in Mount Vernon can rely on the Skagit Table for fresh, seasonal cooking, whether it be for a catered event or a simple yet nourishing weeknight dinner. 

“We had a child that had cancer, and for those two years, we were so busy and overwhelmed, and we could not get healthy food quick,” says Owner and Chef Courtney Bourasaw. “When you go through a stressful time, the last thing you want to do is eat food that makes you feel bad. This was created because of that; I want families to be able to eat food that’s good for them, and healthy is different for everybody.”

 Bourasaw began her career as a business owner with the catering company Rainbow Eats. She continues to offer catering through the Skagit Table, but in her Mount Vernon brick-and-mortar, she also has a fridge stocked full of ready to-eat dinners, salads, snacks, and dessert. Many of Bourasaw’s regulars are busy moms, whereas others are devoted because they trust her meals are always allergen safe. All of the Skagit Table’s offerings are free of gluten, soy, and vegetable oils. “I want people to be able to open that cooler and not have to read a label and feel confident about what they’re getting every single time,” she says.

Photo courtesy of The Skagit Table

Bourasaw partners with local farmers whenever possible, taking inspiration from whatever ingredients they have in abundance. This also means that many of her meals are based around seasonal produce.

 In addition, Bourasaw offers catering servings that are not limited to her grab-and-go menu. She excels at classic dishes from a range of cuisines, but she’s most proud of her ability to accommodate special dietary needs.

 “I had a client reach out and was like, ‘Can you do Cajun food?’ It was, like, a 300-person wedding. I practiced a little bit, I did a tasting for them, and they were like, ‘Oh, this is like living in New Orleans,’” says Bourasaw. “So, I don’t know that I have a specialty, but I think special diets are where I shine. … I’ve done weddings that were 100% vegan for 150 people. And today I’m going to be smoking brisket.” 

If that wasn’t enough, the Skagit Table even offers ticketed farm-to-table dinners, each of which feature a one-of-a-kind seasonal menu. The evening begins with a farm tour, then proceeds with a multi-course meal, with Bourasaw walking attendees through the backstories of each ingredient. 

“More than just the food, [diners] get education,” Bourasaw says. “So, I always talk about the produce and the proteins that we have in our dishes, where I sourced it from, what their farm is like, what ‘sustainable’ is for them, what their growing practices are, what their animals eat. I want people to get to know their farmers … and find farmers that work for them.” 

Bourasaw currently has a Halloween-themed dinner in the works, and going forward, she also plans to offer cooking classes for everyday kitchen skills. Want to learn more? Visit the Skagit Table in Mount Vernon, online, or on Instagram @theskagittable. 225 S. 1st St., Mount Vernon, 360.312.4074, theskagittable.com