As a makeup artist, one of my most common requests from clients is that I not cover their freckles. Of course, I shudder at the thought; I love freckles! Because these little facial gems can be tricky to highlight, I’ve compiled a few of my top pro tips and products for letting them truly shine.

First things first. Ever notice that you have more freckles where your skin gets the most sun? Wear your sunscreen! Outside of the spots we inherit through genetics, freckles are technically sun damage that happened when we were young and carefree. Love them, yes, but remember they can sometimes come at a cost.

Keep your skin healthy and let your freckles shine. Make sure you exfoliate and hydrate your skin to keep it glowing. Ideally, your freckles should be the only texture on your face. The Sonia Roselli sexApeel Instant Exfoliation Spray and Water Balm are two of my all time freckle-friendly favorites. Pick them up online—you will not be disappointed.

If your freckles are not the only texture on your face—because, let’s be real here—grab your favorite concealer and spot-treat anything that needs it. Gently tap with your finger to blend. Go naked or apply a light BB cream to the rest of your face. My ultimate favorite concealer for this is the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer. It has a wonderful, buildable coverage that hides problem areas while perfectly blending into your skin.

Match your concealers and foundations to the undertones in your skin, not to your freckles or a shade in the middle. Freckles are often quite a bit warmer than the skin they grace, and the last thing you want is an orangey face on a cool-toned neck and chest.

For a little extra something, don’t be afraid to add a touch of sheer rosy tones for blush and shadow. Pro tip: Use your blush as a light eyeshadow for a natural, youthful glow.

To enhance your freckles—or even fake them— simply take a brown eyeliner pencil and softly dab over your existing freckles. Then take your finger and tap to softly blend. My favorite pencil for this is the Urban Decay Brow Beater Pencil in Warm Brown. The trick is to keep the faux freckles balanced without making any noticeable patterns. I like to work quickly to keep myself from thinking too much. Don’t stress if it doesn’t turn out perfect the first time—you can always buff out a faux freckle if it’s in the wrong place!

If you couldn’t tell by now, freckles are pretty much my favorite thing. They’re the perfect excuse to rock a simple “no makeup” look, but they also pair effortlessly with a little splash of drama. A statement lip? A little smudged eyeliner? Très chic! There are many sides of you, and the beauty of makeup—and freckles—is about getting to show those sides to the world.

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"There are many sides of you, and the beauty of makeup—and freckles—is about getting to show those sides to the world. "