The sun is starting to peek through some of our winter gloom, and springtime is upon us. We called upon the plant experts at Garden Spot Nursery on Alabama St. and Kent’s Garden and Nursery on Northwest Ave. to create beautiful container gardens that harness the hope and beauty of early spring. Hellebores, narcissus and primroses in the floral display complement the earthier huckleberry and Oregon grape in the native planting. We’re pleased to bring you this early peak into what is sure to be a bright and productive growing season for us in the Pacific Northwest.

Garden Spot Nursery

Diane Padys

Blue Pot
White plants in a bold, blue pot make for an elegant presentation. The Bridal Crown Narcissus, double-white primroses
and hellebores complement the nearby tulips, blue and yellow primroses. A white pot with hellebores and white narcissus accented with pussy willow makes a beautiful companion to this distinctive blue pot.

Features Flowers:
Bridal Crown Narcissus
Double White Primroses
Evergreen Ellewoods Pillar
Hellebore Ivory Prince
Pansy Frizzle Sizzle

Kent’s Garden and Nursery


Red Pot
Accented with salal from owner Nancy’s own woods, this bold pot brings together the fiery Coral Bark Japanese Maple with japonica, primrose and other evergreens. The broadleaf evergreen will bloom orange, complementing the bright primrose.

Featured Flowers:
Coral Bark Japanese maple
Japonica Andromeda
Springtime Cypress

Kent’s Garden and Nursery


Wooden Pot
This rustic woodland pot echoes the mountains and forests that surround us. A collection of native plantings, the list is simple, refined. Moss and bark accent the huckleberry, red dogwood, Oregon grape and fern. This pot is a classic expression of our home and its flora.

Featured Flowers:
Red Twig Dogwood
Sword Fern
Oregon Grape
Evergreen Huckleberry

Garden Spot Nursery


Red Pot
A bright tableau of early spring color, this lovely red pot surrounded by daffodils and primroses makes a bold, colorful statement. Lemon Cypress stands tall above vinca, daffodils and aburieta.

Featured Flowers:
Lemon Cypress Wilma Goldcrest
Aubrieta Accent
Vinca, Bowles Vinca Minor
Double red primrose
Carex Gold