Since opening their doors in 1990, Aqui Esta Tile and Stone has provided personalized service for every unique home and renovation project. The company has partnered with more than 20 vendors to create fresh, innovative, and functional spaces with quality services in Whatcom County. 

Larry and Nena O’Connell opened their business shortly after tying the knot 30 years ago. However, they didn’t always sell tile and stone. The couple got their footing in wholesale distribution, importing furniture, pottery, stone, and tile from Mexico to their former warehouse location near Bellingham High School. The demand for tile was clear, so they switched gears toward retail and became experts in the industry. 

“There’s not much tile presence in Bellingham or Whatcom county … even in the Pacific Northwest, tile showrooms are kind of rare,” co-owner Larry O’Connell says. “We’ve really focused and put our time and energy into specializing in the field of tile and stone.”  

The O’Connells steadily built their reputation by providing one-on-one professional expertise, attention to detail, and competitive pricing to help meet their customers’ design, deadline, and budget needs. Their niche is in custom homes and remodeling; their most popular projects include kitchens, bathrooms, and exterior tile for decks and patios. 

Their showroom on Grant Street features modern household vignettes to help customers visualize the product in action. Professional interior designers, Mickey Middendorf and Kari Panchison, use a vast selection of colors, shapes, textures, and finishes to refine or expand each client’s search for a trendy and reliable surface. 

“There’s a lot of people that can’t visualize, so that’s where Mickey and I come in because we can pull together a whole house or space and give a lot of options,” Pachinson says.  

The interior designers strive to bring dreams to life, especially for people who can’t do it all on their own. The company works with each project step by step and even offers custom installations from licensed contractors that are durable and built to last. 

“It’s sometimes hard for people to put everything together … We’re here every day and know all the products that are available.” Pachinson says. “We like to be able to put something together that somebody’s like, ‘Wow, this is way better than I thought.’”  

There are endless options and considerations when it comes to selecting the perfect materials for your dream home. Due to COVID-19, Aqui Esta Tile and Stone’s Bellingham showroom is available for individual consultations only. Call to schedule an appointment with professionals who’ll help make those tough choices easier, one tile at a time. 2124 Grant St., Bellingham, 360.734.7374, 

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"We've really focused and put our time and energy into specializing in the field of tile and stone."