Residing on a humble family farm in Blaine is Barnyard Coffee Roasters, a specialty roastery known for transforming raw organic coffee beans into tasty artisan brews.  

Owners and coffee roasters Debbie and Derek Peris began their journey more than 20 years ago, while experimenting with a home roasting machine.  

“It was something that we’ve always been interested in,” Debbie says. “I mean it’s really flying back 20 years, kind of one of those things that was a dream kinda in the back of your mind.” 

They became experts, taking requests from friends and family, and refining their process to develop distinct flavor profiles that bring out certain characteristics of taste, body, and aroma.  

“Maybe we should just go for it … Maybe we can do this,” Debbie says, reflecting on the couple’s joint decision to turn their dream into an unexpected reality.  

They opened their doors in 2017, freshly roasting premium quality beans and sourcing from certified organic farms across the globe. Over the years, they’ve perfected their approach with small batches and specific timing, air flow, and temperatures for each particular coffee variety.   

“Fifteen seconds between roasts can really change the tasting notes of coffee,” Debbie says. “All of them are being roasted based on their origin, tasting notes that we’re trying to get out of that particular bean or blend.”  

Barnyard Coffee Roasters offers a selection of balanced blends, single origins, teas, and hand-crafted flavored coffees made with a natural corn-based carrier. The flavoring process is time-consuming but ultimately heightens the quality and depth of flavors.  

“Our flavored coffees have become really huge with our customers because they are sugar-free, gluten-free, nut-free. They’re all natural flavors,” Debbie says. “It’s a great way for people to get that flavor in their coffee without having sugary syrups, heavy sweetener, or even artificial sugar flavors for their coffee.” 

Debbie recommends trying their Ethiopian Sidamo, a light single origin coffee known for its subtle floral aroma and bright notes of berries and chocolate. Another top-seller is their rich Farmhouse blend, a medium-dark roast with sweet notes of dark cherries and chocolate.  

“Our mocha coconut is really delicious,” Debbie says. “It tastes just like a Mounds bar and makes a really good cold brew, too!” 

The roastery ships nationwide, providing free shipping with a minimum purchase of three 12 oz. bags. “We really ship all over the country … there isn’t a state that we don’t ship to,” Debbie says. 

Due to COVID-19, the roastery’s Blaine location is open for local pick-up orders by website or phone only. Five varieties of roastery favorites can also be found in Edaleen Dairy stores and the Northwood Market in Lynden.  

Check out Barnyard Coffee Roasters on Facebook and Instagram for daily offers, tips, and tastes. 4434 Boblett Rd., Blaine, 360.393.0475,