For the last 30 years, Bridget Knutson dreamt of opening her own boutique. Things felt like they were finally falling into place when Knutson and her husband signed a lease for a space in downtown Fairhaven. Little did they know COVID-19 was going to hit the U.S., pushing them into the uncharted territory of opening a business during a pandemic.  

“There were days where I was like, ‘What in the world are we even doing? What was I thinking?’” Knutson says. “My husband, my family, and my friends have been so supportive by believing in it, and that’s been giving me a lot of strength. 

In normal times, Knutson says she would visit markets to establish relationships with vendors and see, touch, and test merchandise firsthand. However, because of the pandemic, she has been forced to interact with people and products exclusively online, an experience she’s found challenging.  

Despite the pandemic, after three months of renovations, her dream became a reality when she opened the doors to Adored Boutique along with her assistant manager, Melissa Thatcher. The store had its grand opening in August. 

“The whole thing behind Adored is we want to make people recognize their beauty,” Knutson says. “Everyone has innate beauty. We are passionate about helping customers recognize that in other people as well.”  

Adored Boutique offers clothing, accessories, and gifts meant to enhance your own beauty, inside and out. The store sells tees, sweaters, cardigans, jeans, and dresses, primarily in soft, neutral tones. You can also find bath and body products, handmade jewelry, and gifts with heartfelt notes and inspirational messages.  

“A passion of mine is to make people feel valued, cared for, and loved,” Knutson says. “I want my shop to feel comfortable, welcoming, and all-inclusive.” 

Knutson says she wants the space to have a calm atmosphere where customers can socialize and shop while enjoying refreshments. She hopes she can create an environment that fosters community and relationship building. 

In the future, Knutson hopes to host events that will feature local artists, vendors, and organizations. These events will appear on Adored Boutique’s website and social media channels. 913 Harris Ave, Bellingham,  

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