Since October 2016, the Lighthouse Mission Ministries has offered shelter, meals, and support to those experiencing homelessness in Bellingham at their Base Camp (formerly known as the drop-in center) on Holly Street.  

However, the onset of COVID-19 made social distancing difficult at this location, resulting in a temporary relocation to Bellingham High School in March. The Base Camp operated at this location for four months. 

In anticipation of the school reopening, the Lighthouse Mission Ministries decided they needed a new semi-permanent solution to accommodate the increasing number of people in need of shelter.  

Now located in the Bellingham Public Market on Cornwall Avenue, the new 25,000+ square foot Base Camp will continue to provide free food, restrooms, laundry, showers, and more for up to four years at this location.  

“I’m so thankful to the Bellingham community for making this possible and supporting the relocation — it’s keeping hundreds of vulnerable people safe and cared for during COVID-19,” says Jessica Hess, marketing and communications coordinator. “The creation of this space says to our neighbors who are homeless that you are seen, you are valued, and we care about you.” 

The new space is open 24/7, and can accommodate up to 200 adults at a time, with dedicated sleeping spaces, a community room, and a courtyard for safe outdoor time.  

“We are very grateful for this new location and are settling in well,” Hess says.“Guests of the Lighthouse Mission’s Base Camp especially appreciate the privacy and feeling of safety that the outdoor courtyard provides… Most of all, they are grateful to once again have a space that is truly theirs.”

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