The Shop

Estheticians at Bare Boutique in Mount
Vernon “take into account that skin is the
largest organ of detoxification,” says owner
Hana LaMay. That’s the kind of attitude
that can deliver results when it comes to
facial services. The shop has been around
for about six years but celebrated its oneyear
anniversary this past March at its
downtown Mount Vernon location. Instead
of being a one-stop shop like many day spas,
it has carved a specific niche in the skin, hair
removal, and lash extensions arena with a
goal to be experts in what they do.

The Atmosphere

The shop is relaxing, clean, and spacious
with carefully curated skincare products
in front. Clients waiting for services sit in
a low-lit room on a low-slung, evergreencolored

Key People

Owner LaMay has been a licensed esthetician
for 10 years. She started out as a makeup
artist and did a stint as a loan officer
(she couldn’t stand the paperwork), before
heading back to school. LaMay’s esthetician
background is in medical applications,
honed while working in a medical spa. She
opened Bare Boutique in a single-room
commercial space when her youngest child
was about three months old and her middle
child was a toddler. Oh, and she continued
to work at the medical spa while Bare
Boutique garnered clients. Her tenacity
paid off. Today, Bare Boutique employs
three estheticians who each have at least
seven years of experience, and a second
location is possibly on the horizon.

What You’ll Find

All the skincare products Bare Boutique
carries are dye-free and synthetic fragrancefree.
You’ll find Clarisonic facial brushes
and Image lotions, known for their antiaging
formulations. Shelves are stocked
with COOLA sunscreen, and baskets
overflow with all-natural bath bombs. In
terms of services, Bare Boutique offers a few
facials with the intention that customization
is key, so the estheticians always begin with
a quick consultation. Each service depends
on the person, their skin, and the likelihood
that they’ll need something different even
on routine visits. Services include masks,
peels and even dermaplaning, a treatment
that shaves off dead skin and fine vellus hair
with a 10-gauge scalpel. Dermaplaning sets
the stage for a service’s other components
to treat deeper into the skin.

Owner’s Favorite

LaMay’s favorite part of the job is her
relationships with clients, especially those
for whom she’s treating an ongoing issue
that improves with each treatment. She’s
constantly perfecting the boutique’s customer
experience. “We love our clients;
we just want them to be happy.”

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"'We love our clients; we just want them to be happy.'"