An Old Fashioned is usually the combination of muddled sugar with bitters and whiskey, garnished with a citrus rind and maraschino cherry. Earning its name in the 1880s, the Old Fashioned is a classic drink that goes down smooth year-round.

B-Town Kitchen and Raw Bar, located in Bellingham’s Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, has altered this cocktail to reflect their mod twist and creative style. Say hello to the Maple Brown Sugar Old Fashioned. Maple and brown sugar? These flavors were made for each other, we all know that. But if you thought they existed only in your morning oatmeal, think again.

B-Town’s take on the Old Fashioned removes the addition of sugar and replaces that sweetness through smoked maple Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey and brown sugar bourbon. As a result, the chilled drink is strong overall, yet smooth. Plus, there’s a small, but delightful, brown sugary aftertaste.

Now let’s not forget the garnishes that make this drink especially summer-worthy. Each time you raise the tumbler-like glass to your lips, fresh orange wafts from the rim, accenting the cocktail with citrus. The Bordeaux cherry — a darker cherry — pairs well with the sweetness of the alcohol as it sits pierced next to the orange rind.

As one of B-Town’s newly developed beverages, the Maple Brown Sugar Old Fashioned is a satisfying take on an already beloved concoction. Sitting outside in B-Town’s patio with one of these in hand makes for a lovely evening.

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"Say hello to the Maple Brown Sugar Old Fashioned."