Is there a spring ritual we should know about for hair, similar to changing skincare routines for warmer temperatures?  

I think the new ritual should be washing your hair more. I believe it’s important to wash your hair at least three times a week and with the right cleanser — it’s essential to stimulate the scalp by getting in there and cleaning off the gunk and impurities. Scalp stimulation promotes healthy hair growth and strengthens hair roots, helping to prevent non-genetic hair loss. Use the tips of your fingers to scrub or pick up a scalp scrub brush from Hairstory. Also, check out New Wash for your new cleanser — it’s a game changer.  

What are some hairstyles and colors emerging this spring?   

Long romantic center part fringe with long layers, natural waves, and low-maintenance looks are always preferred, so put away your hot tools. As always, blonde tones are in for spring/summer, as are natural hair and painted/balayage looks. Strawberrplus copper is also hot right now. 

Can you suggest some hassle-free styles that transition well from wet to dry at the lake, or from lunchtime outdoor exercise back into the office?  

The top bun is done. I’m a fan of braids — they are fast and easy to do. You can pin them up to make them more fun. A sleek pony is also cool. Or towel-dry your hair really well and apply a pump of hair balm by Hairstory. Work the balm throughout your hair, squish (not scrunch), and shape your waves and let air-dry.  

Does hair need sun protection? If so, what do you suggest?  

I think we should treat our hair like our skin. I would strongly suggest using a UV protection hair product, especially if your hair is colortreated or just out in the sun a lot. I would recommend Davines Su Hair Milk. It protects color fading, hydrates, and has UV protective filters. Playa Ritual Hair Oil is great for repairing sun damage and managing frizz.  

What products do you recommend for maintaining hair color in the sun and/or exposure to chlorine? 

I recommend New Wash by Hairstory. It is a conditioning cleanser that will protect your color, moisturize and bring your hair back to life especially after a day at the pool or out in the sun. It’s the perfect daily cleanser, plus there is one for each hair type. Visit their website to see which new wash is right for you. 

Are there any new services or products you’re excited about?  

Everyone needs to get Hair Balm by Hairstory! I absolutely love this product. It is essential in everyone’s daily regimen. This is for people who love a great texture product that is lightweight, moisturizing, and defines wave/curls in all the right ways.  

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