We Bee Kind is a local beauty product company based in Bellingham. It’s led by Mallory Wiebe, a Bellingham local with a passion and drive for providing beauty and pet products– all made with quality ingredients.  

 The secret in Wiebe’s products is not just what is in them, but what is not. CBD is the core medicinal ingredient, but customers can trust that there will never be harsh chemicals or fragrances in a We Bee Kind product.  

 Wiebe says she’s always been a cannabis advocate, but she first found the benefits of CBD in 2017, after a friend gifted her some CBD oil. Wiebe’s dog had a chronic injury and was having a hard time moving around. She decided to give her dog a bit of CBD to see if it would help. A week later she noticed her dog moving around more. They were going on longer walks together, playing more, and her dog’s demeanor had overall lifted.  

 From then on she says it was off to the races. She started making products for friends and family members’ pets, and eventually moved into beauty products – an area she was also very passionate about.  

 Wiebe says she has always been very picky about the beauty products she uses. She says our skin does a great job at absorbing what we put on it, and she knew it was important to keep harsh chemicals and fragrances away.  

 “I wouldn’t make anything I wouldn’t use,” she says. “I think it’s important to educate people on that as well.”  

 All the beauty products Wiebe offers are handmade by her, and many of the ingredients are sourced locally: Beeswax from a local beekeeper, herbs from her garden, and salmon oil from Oak Harbor.  

 She offers a wide array of products, both for people and pets. Some of her products include bath bombs, bath powders, salves, foot soaks, CBD gummies, and tinctures.  

 On her Facebook page, customers have left dozens of raving five star reviews. Wiebe says she loves hearing people’s stories of how her products helped them, whether that’s through relaxation after a hard day’s work or finding real relief to an ailment they’ve been dealing with.  

 Wiebe’s favorite stories come from the success of her customers’ pets, because there’s no mistaking progress in an animal.  

 She says people have told her that her products have helped their dogs be able to walk up stairs, or play with their pets again. In some cases their tumors shrank, and seizures stopped.  

“I would say that has the biggest impact on my heart,” she says.  

 We Bee Kind products can be found online or in town at Third Planet and Bellingham Pet Supply. Bellingham, webeekind.com