In my experience, offerings for “stylish” activewear are limited: Yoga pants, bike shorts, skin-tight crop tops that make me feel more self-conscious than sporty. How is Nuu-Muu different? 

Nuu-Muu dresses were originally designed to make a bit of a statement: I can do [this] in a dress. Nuu-Muu dresses provide a bit of coverage and a bit of sass with our stand-out prints that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your mood. 

Our dresses are also cut on an A-line, which tends to work well for most body types. After many years and lots of pattern iterations, we’ve managed to strike a great balance between a comfort and performance fit, which allows our customers to do whatever they want… and feel great doing it. 

What sort of activities are possible when wearing Nuu-Muu dresses? 

Nuu-Muu dresses are super versatile and our customers continue to surprise us by sharing stories and pictures of themselves doing ALL THE THINGS. And we really mean all the things: Exercise moments such as cycling, running, hiking, bikepacking, pickleball, falconeering, water sports, and also travel (safari!), working, wine tasting, gardening, riding tractors, yarn spinning, hockey momming, playing with friends and family, and relaxing– because that’s super important, too! 

What styles does Nuu-Muu currently offer? 

The Nuu-Muu brand includes our original activewear keyhole neckline (Nuu-Muu), a keyhole neckline with a back pocket (Ruu-Muu), as well as a lower-neckline pocket dress (Scoop). Our newest style (GoBe) is a longer, three-quarter sleeved v-neck intended as a lifestyle dress. We also have coordinating long-sleeve tees as well as leggings… which we affectionately call Prants! 

Can workout gear such as sports bras and running shorts be worn under Nuu-Muu dresses? 

Yes! We intentionally don’t build anything into our dresses, which are designed to cover most sports bras. This means people can choose the undergarments and accessories that make the most sense for their bodies and their chosen flavor of fun. 

I appreciate that Nuu-Muu features models of all different ages, races, and body types. Why do you think representation is important when it comes to activewear and clothing ads? 

Our owners, staff and brand are committed to creating visual images that represent our diverse customer community. This has always been true at Nuu-Muu and we believe that representation is just another way to dismantle white-supremacy culture. Our customers also regularly remind us that we need to keep improving in this area — most recently to include models with various mobility challenges. We received great feedback a few years ago when we included a model with glasses. There’s always learning to be done and improvements to be made.