Bunnies By The Bay


At the end of La Conner’s 1st Street, a narrow storefront beckons family members, and expectant mothers in search of baby toys meant to be cherished. Inside Bunnies By The Bay, soft mobiles of sweet peas and friendly looking beets hang from the ceiling. Plush toys line the shelves and whimsical paintings decorate the walls. Walking in, you can’t help but smile.


Surrounded by personified plush toys, rubber teething toys, and the sweetest baby clothing, Bunnies By The Bay exudes an innocence and whimsical acceptance that of course animals talk, have personalities, and are friends. Here, Freddy the Fox, Pelly the Pelican, and Bao Bao Bear sit down to have tea together, because why not?


In 1983, a tragedy at sea left Krystal Kirkpatrick and Suzanne Knutson mourning 14 loved ones, including their father, uncle, and cousins. They poured their energies into sewing, a therapy their grandmother had taught them. Choosing to sew plush bunnies because of the real animal’s distaste of both water and fish, the sisters ended up with a stockpile of bunnies that sold out in two hours at a local craft fair. Soon after, Jeanne-ming Hayes joined the team as the CEO, helping turn Bunnies By The Bay into a company with a reputation for beloved baby gifts. Today, the sisters are still the creation team. Bunnies By The Bay also includes team members like Karen Brayden, the territory sales manager for the Bunnies’ wholesale division, and Nicole Turner, who manages online sales, the retail store, and customer service, lovingly named Bunny 911s. Turner has helped many a parent and grandparent replace their child’s favorite toys, especially older designs from a decade or two ago.


Bunnies By The Bay specializes in toys for infants younger than one year old, especially loveys. Loveys are special items children become attached to, like security blankets, that become cherished parts of childhood. Customers have their pick of plush characters: Piper the bird, Crab Cake the crab, Skipit the dog, and Bao Bao Bear, to name a few. There are charming watercolored cards and photos by Krys Kirkpatrick Design. Girls will love the tea set with a bird sugar bowl and snail cream pitcher. Practical clothes hang alongside not-so-practical clothes like tulle tutus. Swaddle and hooded blankets make bedtime cozier, and rubber animal teethers have been many a parent’s saving grace.


Bunnies By The Bay is known for their iconic Buddy Blankets. These soft, silky blankets have a character head, instantly becoming many children’s best friends. Brayden loves Skipit the dog, who was her oldest son’s lovey. Shopping at a store whose motto is “Bunnies are our best friends indeed, they do delight and give glad dreams,” means everything you purchase will be loved and cherished for years to come.

719 1st St., La Conner
360.420.9018 | bunniesbythebay.com
"They poured their energies into sewing, a therapy their grandmother had taught them."