THE SHOP Tucked in the Lettered Streets, within
the walls of a blue garage lies Alleycat Bike Shop.
This neighborhood treasure is Bellingham’s onestop
repair shop to restore and renew your bike.
Lined with handlebars, accessories, helmets,
tires, and other parts, this bicycle workshop has
been repairing rides since 2013. Stepping inside
Alleycat is a first-hand look at the mechanics of
bike repair and restoration, the passion of shop
owner Duke Pakdee.

THE ATMOSPHERE A raw look into a mechanic’s
workshop with an approachable environment.

KEY PEOPLE Pakdee’s trade is rooted in his
passion. He was first a lover of bikes before he was
a shop owner. His enthusiasm for cycling sparked
his idea for Alleycat. With prior knowledge and
experience in mechanics, Duke fused his love for
bikes and talent in mechanics to create a career.
After working in shops for the past 25 years and
independently working on bikes from his home,
the demand for repairs eventually became so
great that he decided to open up his own space.
Originally underneath the Green Frog Tavern,
Pakdee moved into the J Street location in 2014.

He is devoted to fixing bicycles to the best of
his capabilities so he can get people back out
on their bikes.

WHAT YOU’LL FIND Whether you are looking for
a repair, a tune-up, or accessories for mountain
or road bikes, Alleycat is the place. Pakdee says
that their inventory is unlike most other bike
shops, and keeps their shop unique by stocking
up on parts that may be hard to find elsewhere.
Specializing in suspension services, wheel building,
and disc brakes, Pakdee repairs all bikes in-house.
Once Pakdee attained special tools that allow
certain fixes to be done in-house, he was able to
get repairs done quicker then most shops that
outsource their products. Although he mostly
handles repairs, you can custom order new bikes
from Alleycat. He also handles and sells brands
like Knolly, Chromag, NS, and Yeti bikes.

OWNER’S FAVORITE The joy for Pakdee comes
from helping people get back to doing what they
love. Getting people back on their bikes and
outside riding again is what fuels his repairing
drive each day.


"He is devoted to fixing bicycles to the best of his capabilities so he can get people back out on their bikes."