Good things do come in small packages! Bringing back the bright was our design goal for this tiny ranch home. Every square foot was important; therefore, scale and proportion played a huge role in this little space. A refreshing paint palette, additional windows, and new cabinets with open shelving proved that minor changes can provide substantial results. It doesn’t take a lot of construction to freshen up a small space.

The ranch home originally was designed to be both affordable and manageable for small families. Today, designers like me are enjoying remodeling projects that feature imaginative updates for this style of home. Bringing updates to these mid-century beauties is often fun and rewarding.

When planning the update for this home, we sought to create a better place, not merely more space. The 1,400 square-foot one level was adequate for a family’s needs but lacked a cohesive flow from room to room, and overall the home was just plain boring.

The makeover in the kitchen proves a little can go a long way. The painted gray cabinetry adds a contemporary contrast and dimension to this modest house.

The new design opened up all of the main rooms into a suite of distinct yet interconnected spaces. At times, many ranch remodels create too much openness, resulting in the loss of character. Spaces go undefined and blend too much. So we focused on creating a charming, layered space, working with the existing architecture. While the ceiling is high throughout we kept the quirky “trellis-like” over hang which forms a floating horizontal plane, defining the family room and kitchen; the effect is dramatic and harkens to the house’s vintage roots.

How did we make this little house shine?

  • Neutral Greige Interior Color Palette
  • Freshly Painted Cabinetry
  • Open Shelving
  • Newly Installed Windows
  • Built-in Window Seat
  • Live Greens and Preserved Boxwoods
  • Overstuffed Pillows and Cozy Throws
  • Understated White Furnishings
  • Simple and Unexpected Decor
"Every square foot was important; therefore, scale and proportion played a huge role in this little space."