If you’re on the hunt for a fresh vegan restaurant in town, look no further than Quantum Leaf. This fully vegan, gluten-free, and alcohol-free restaurant is located on State Street and is paving the way for a more allergy-friendly dining experience.  

 Co-owner and head chef Kyla Graham wanted to open a restaurant that could provide a comfortable environment for everyone. Graham has Crohn’s Disease, so she knows firsthand how hard it can be to find accessible, safe, delicious food.  

 Graham, along with partner and co-owner Xander Terrell, first opened a vegan bakery in the Bellingham Granary Building called SconeGrown in May 2021, and they saw just how high the demand was for vegan and gluten-free food. When they first opened, the SconeGrown menu was 30% gluten-free, and now it is close to 90%. 

 The need for a fully vegan and gluten-free restaurant became quickly apparent, so that’s when Graham and Terrell decided to open Quantum Leaf. 

 “I just wanted to provide a safe space for people who don’t drink, people with allergies, that type of thing, because there’s no other fully gluten-free restaurants in town,” says Graham.  

 The charming restaurant space is styled with matching thrifted furniture sets, an abundance of plants, a beautiful wooden bar, and an assortment of pig-shaped cutting boards adorned on the wall. Graham hopes to eventually host events or have live music in the space.  

 With the goal to provide everyone with healthy, safe, tasty food, Quantum Leaf is breaking ground for the fully allergen-friendly dining scene.  

 1149 N. State St., Bellingham, quantumleafbellingham.com