Travel through time to attend a 19th-century carnival and experience the thrilling mystery of a night gone wrong. Based on Edgar Allen Poe’s short story “The Cask of Amontillado,” you will find yourself amidst a riveting plot of revenge and betrayal, locked in a wine cellar that you must escape.  

 At LockBreaker Escapes, their newest room is a medieval time capsule. The faux brick walls, shelves lined with wine bottles, and the smell of fermented grapes only add to the authentic feel of the intricate puzzle.  

 Owner John Froehner says, “My favorite part is when [visitors] walk into this room. They go in and it’s usually some form of, ‘Ooh and ah.’ It’s a lot of fun.”   

 The new attraction opened the last weekend in February and according to Froehner, they are already busy with visitors excited to solve new puzzles.  

 “This is a unique, fun way to spend an evening or afternoon with your friends and family. It’s perfect for date nights,” says Froehner.  

 The escape room’s difficulty can be adjusted to easy, medium, or hard, which makes it a perfect family-friendly activity for players of all ages. 

 LockBreaker plans to add an additional escape room soon and this one will be based on local history. The story will transport players to the Golden Age of the 30s, trapping them in a broken-down elevator during the grand opening of the historic Bellingham Hotel. 

 “Both of the rooms are unique in that we’ve made alterations for our own design and storyline purposes specifically. You won’t find these exact two anywhere in the world,” says Froehner. 

 Visit LockBreaker Escapes online to book your own adventure.   

 LockBreaker Escapes LLC, 360.656.6887, 1208 Bay St., Bellingham,