Living in the Pacific Northwest means living in Bigfoot territory. While most people consider Sasquatch the stuff of folklore, others take the search to the next level, like Joey Sternhagen and Ray Kolean, co-owners of The Bigfoot Adventures.  

The two started the adventure company in 2017, but their relationship with Bigfoot goes much farther back. Kolean grew up in Western Washington and spent his childhood exploring the forests in search of the elusive creature.  

We both have had a lifetime of Bigfoot experiences, including finding fresh tracks, hearing howls, rocks thrown, calling one in repeatedly, as well as a face-to-face encounter,” Sternhagen says.  

The idea to take others out on Bigfoot trips arrived to the pair naturally, during a conversation.  

“We were riding our motorcycle through the forests and exploring caves while talking about Bigfoot and decided instantly that we wanted to be able to take families out to these special places, to share the excitement of looking for this legendary creature,” Sternhagen says.  

A typical trip starts with clients loading into the Bigfoot Research Van — a large white vehicle with a Bigfoot decal on the side. From there, the van travels to the best Bigfoot hot spots, where the creature has been previously sighted or heard. Once at a location, clients learn the ins and outs of how to “call in” Bigfoot from the forest or cast their own Bigfoot tracks.   

Clients can choose from multiple trip options, including a day trip, half-day trip, or even a multi-day trip. The truly intrepid can opt for a night trip that begins at dusk. Under the glow of moonlight, you can try out night-vision and thermal imaging, enjoy a bonfire, and hear firsthand accounts of sightings from local Bigfoot believers. Regardless of whether you actually encounter the mythical beast, you and your crew will have an unforgettable experience marked by beautiful scenery and quality time outdoors.   

“Every trip is different, Sternhagen says. “We found structures built by something much larger and stronger than a man, we have found broken carcasses that were not killed by a cougar or other known predator, we found bone piles in obscure spots in the woods.” 

Like most businesses, since COVID-19, operations have shifted.  

Obviously we had to pump the brakes with a lot of our business, but we have been able to do private trips recently involving only family members,” Sternhagen says.  

As for the future, with so much land in Bigfoot country, the pair has plans to expand their scope beyond Washington, reaching south to California and north to the Canadian border.  

“This is what we do,” Sternhagen says. “It’s what we love.” 360.319.4979,  

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