Whether you’re looking to repair a cracked handrail or invest in a custom-fabricated gate, KP Metalworks can help. They’ve garnered a reputation as one of the top metal and welding fabrication companies in Whatcom County — but those who know owner KP Peirce aren’t surprised. Her business may be new on the scene, but she’s no stranger to her craft.  

Peirce first became interested in welding as a teenager and now brings more than 25 years of experience to the table. She started welding professionally at a young age and worked with dozens of organizations across the state before starting her own business. This includes Gateway Controls, where she worked for a decade. 

KP Metalworks was officially opened in August of 2020, and the business became a full-time gig for Peirce on Nov. 29, 2020. The team is small: Peirce handles the welding and fabrication while her partner, Lauren Sires, is in charge of marketing and communication. 

“Something that sets us apart is that it’s just two gals in here working,” says Peirce. “I’m a mom of two kids, and it’s been nice starting this business because I’m able to juggle my schedule a lot better.” 

Peirce’s specialties are railings and gates, and her recent favorite project is a clean and modern horizontal railing that was custom-fabricated for a residential client. In addition, she also creates fire pits and functional metal decor. 

Bellingham locals will likely recognize many of the projects on KP Metalworks’ Instagram. In addition to residential work, Peirce has also completed installations for iconic local businesses and public spaces. These include railings for The Wildrose in Seattle as well as The Shakedown, window treatments for Sabbath Tattoo Parlor, and even safety racks for outfalls on the beaches of Birch Bay. 

No matter the project, customers know to expect service that’s professional, timely, and personalized. Moreover, Peirce is involved in every step of the process. 

“I typically like to come out to the site and meet the customer in person,” says Peirce. “That way, I can actually see where the install is going to be, maybe see what the environment is.” 

From there, Peirce accepts a deposit and begins making mockups. Sires will create drawings of these mockups for the client’s approval, and once the design is greenlit, Peirce brings the idea to life in her shop. Finally, the team returns to install the finished product using stainless hardware– a must given our damp Pacific Northwestern climate. 

This combination of talent and professionalism is well-known among customers and industry professionals alike. Both Peirce and Sires have been honored by the encouragement they’ve received since officially starting the business. 

“I have just been blown away at how other really established business owners in similar fields have shown up to support her in every way possible,” Sires says. “Business owners have been like, ‘We’re so stoked that you’re finally out on your own, you’re so talented, you’re gonna kill it!’ Just everywhere I go, everyone adores her.” 

Peirce has become a well-known figure around Bellingham thanks to her professional work and involvement with the Bellingham Roller Betties and Subdued City Rollers, a junior roller derby league she co-founded in 2018. To learn more about Peirce and her craft, visit KP Metalworks online or on Instagram at @KPMetalworks. 360.685.3143, kpmetalworks.com