Ranging from brand new establishments to expansions of some of Bellingham’s well-known spots, this summer is packed with grand openings of several new watering holes. Here is everything you need to know about what’s coming your way: 

 North Fork Brewery 

North Fork Brewery is well-known around town for its delicious pizza and equally satisfying beer. Now in its 25th year, something new has joined the North Fork legacy. 

 Opening inside Bellingham Cider Company’s production facility, the location won’t serve pizza, but it does have its very own barrel house to produce more sips such as beers, barrel-aged drinks, and sours. 

 The Penny Farthing at Chuckanut Bay Distillery 

After opening in the third week of June, this spacious “steampunk chic” expansion of Chuckanut Bay Distillery is an exciting addition for foodies and cocktail enthusiasts alike. 

 The bar-restaurant has locally-sourced ingredients filling the menu as well as new and fun alcohols that not only support the meals but educate individuals about all of the unique alcohols there are. 

 El Sueñito 

Tamales and beer on a warm summer day – sign us up! One of Bellingham’s newest spots, El Sueñito, is not only serving delectable meals and drinks but opening itself up to all as an LGBTQ+ friendly establishment. 

 The gay- and Mexican-owned brewery’s late-summer opening brings customers local and Mexican craft beers while also curating a warm and welcoming environment. 

 Darach Brewing Company 

The last stop in the brewery round-up is an exciting one, with plans to open its doors within the year. 

 Darach Brewing Company is focused on “spontaneous and mixed-fermentation beers and IPAs,” and will be located right in the heart of downtown, making yet another refreshing stop on a night of bar and brewery hopping.