From its ethically-sourced line of beauty products to its teaching and salon services, Zorganics has developed quite a name for itself in Whatcom County and beyond. While the reach of this company is vast and versatile now, its origins stem back to an entrepreneur, her daughter, and her dreams. 

 Zorganics Founder Frida Emalange has done it all, with more than 20 years of experience as a master esthetician, cosmetologist, and manicurist. While Bellingham’s Zorganics Salon and Spa and Zorganics Institute didn’t open until the late 2010s, the idea for Zorganics came to Emalange in 2001 when she moved to Bellingham with her daughter (and company namesake) Zora. 

 “Zora means ‘dawn’ or ‘rising sun,’” she says. “As the name implies, our goal is to ensure that our customer feels as fresh as the sun as it signals the start of a new day.” 

 Armed with her beauty background, Emalange opened Zora’s Styling Salon, a salon that catered to all hair types with a specialization in ethnic hair and hair extensions. After spending some time in Bellingham, she decided to start product development research for Zorganics hair and skin products – releasing the brand Zorganics Cosmetics in 2007. 

 “I wanted to make sure that my customers utilize only the best hair and skincare products,” Emalange says. All Zorganics products are carefully and sustainably sourced from organically-grown, cruelty-free resources.  

 Since the brand dropped fifteen years ago, Zorganics Cosmetics has drastically expanded – now offering 10 skincare lines for all skin types, including lines for men’s skincare and babycare. The brand has also gone on to integrate wellness-focused products with chakra-balancing body scrubs and essential oils. Products can be purchased online or at Zorganics locations.  

 A Beauty-ful Place for Learning 

 The local chain continued to grow, with two additional Zorganics Beauty Salon and Spas opening in Bellingham and Bellevue in 2011. After opening the smaller Grand Avenue location in 2017, Emalange felt it was finally time to open a beauty school. Zorganics Institute opened on Bakerview Road in 2018.  

 “I could not imagine the beautiful city [of Bellingham] without a beauty school,” she says. “People should not have to drive out of town everyday to go to school.”  

 The Zorganics Institute offers similar services to all other Zorganics locations, with the exception that the services are performed by beauty students. The Institute offers a variety of career programs that span from four and a half months to a little over a year and prepare students for careers as cosmetologists, barbers, hair designers, estheticians, manicurists, massage therapists, and beauty instructors.  

 Aside from offering services such as haircuts, styling, facials, manicures, waxes, and other cosmetic services, the Institute is proud to offer free services to those battling cancer and awards $2,500 scholarships to high school students and BIPOC (Black, Indigineous, and people of color) under the non-profit Zorganics Foundation.  

 “Having lost both my parents to cancer and having friends who have or have survived cancer and understanding what cancer patients go through during their treatments – I know how important it is to use safe products and to offer solutions for patients with hair loss,” Emalange says.  

 After years of growth and success, Emalange says her excitement grows with every graduate from the Zorganics Institute. 

 “As an internationally-trained beauty professional, I am passionate about providing clients with result driven products and services,” she says. “Passing my knowledge to Zorganics Institute students and watching them grow to be successful is very exciting.”  

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