Net zero energy is easier than you might think, and the benefits are well worth the investment. Beyond reducing your carbon footprint, these high-performance homes are more comfortable, healthier, and ultimately lighten the load on your wallet.  

 With eco-homes like La Pedrera, we always start by designing, building, and investing in the best possible building envelope (roof, exterior walls, and floor). Down the road, it’s a lot easier to change the blinds and countertops than it is to redo the insulation or reduce the air leakage. Here are the details of La Pedrera’s building envelope: 

 Wall insulation = R-29 (only 38% better than code minimum) 

Roof insulation = R-58 (only 18.5% better than code minimum) 

Floor slab insulation = R-10 (matches code minimum for concrete slab insulation) 

Air Leakage = 0.78 ACH50 (640% better than code minimum) 

When it comes to HVAC, committing to an all-electric system can eliminate exhaust fumes in your home and save money without installing all the gas piping. New equipment options, such as induction cooktops, mini-split heat pumps, and heat pump water heaters result in better performance and better air quality, all for a similar cost. Here are the details of La Pedrera’s HVAC:  

Heating and Cooling = Daikin ductless mini-split (no lost space to ductwork and AC) 

Hot water = AO Smith 50 gallon heat pump water heater ducted to the outside 

Ventilation = LifeBreath HRV providing continuous balanced ventilation 

Cooktop = Bosch electric induction cooktop (if you haven’t tried one you should) 

With its small solar array, La Pedrera generates more electricity than it uses, and we think it turned out pretty nice. To learn more about net zero homes, visit 

Architect & Interior Design: Domain Design Architects 

Contractor: Bellingham Bay Builders 

Photographer: Joe Belcovson Photography 

Energy Modeler/Rater: Ecoe Company 

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